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Gravity, magnetism, the weak and strong nuclear forces; sure they hold a lot of stuff together. But the other binding force of nature that demands your utmost respect? Zip ties.

Or at least that’s [Alan Reiner]’s take on the combination of cable ties and 3D printing. (Video, embedded below.) So he’s designed a demo model, Zip Tie City, that goes through a number of the possibilities that designing in zip-tie channels offer.

He then designs a multi-output battery box with a ton of zip tie holds that keep wiring in check and hold modules and batteries where they belong.  (And releases some magic smoke, but even zip ties can’t keep that stuff inside.)

We love zip ties for those situations where screws are overkill or a simple solution is sufficient. Designing channels for zip ties is a pure win, and makes use of the unique advantage of 3D printing; these would be horrible to try to subtractively machine into a part.

Zip ties aren’t the only game in town, though. If you need a glue, our own [Tom Nardi] went through his local hardware store and tested out the options in this must-read classic piece.

Thanks for the tip to [Keith Olson], who wants you to check out Zip Tie Guy (video) while you’re in the mood.

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