Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Dental Care Gel | Vet Formulated

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Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Dental Care Gel | Vet Formulated
  • SOOTHING AND EFFECTIVE – Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste is a veterinarian formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes
  • CLEANS AND FRESHENS – Freshens breath and gently cleans away plaque and tartar
  • PART OF A HEALTHY REGIMEN – Supports your dog’s dental hygiene between annual cleanings at your vet’s office
  • NATURAL FLAVORS – Your dog will love the great taste. You will love how it brightens and whitens teeth while freshening the breath
  • SAME FORMULA, NEW PACKAGE – The same great Vet’s Best dental gel is now available in an easy to use squeeze tube

Specification: Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Dental Care Gel | Vet Formulated

Product Dimensions

3.44 x 1.5 x 9 inches, 4.97 Ounces

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Date First Available

March 14, 2017


OUT! International

13 reviews for Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Dental Care Gel | Vet Formulated

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  1. Avatar of L. Williams

    L. Williams

    After one time use I can see a difference in my dog’s teeth. She doesn’t like to chew hard dental bones so it’s a struggle to keep her teeth clean.

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  2. Avatar of Rebecca Parsons

    Rebecca Parsons

    I used this on my dog he was fine when I used it and
    the next day started vomiting non stop. I reached out to his vet and was told bland diet and keep an eye on him. Went to bed with him at 1am and woke up at 5am and went to pet him and noticed he felt hard. Jumped up turned on the light and saw he passed 😭 This toothpaste killed my dog!!!! My dog has been to the vet a week prior for checkup etc and he was fine!! I am completely heart broken and devastated. There is 110%. Nothing else that my dog had besides this toothpaste. I called amazon and reported it, they took it down for a few days and now it’s right back up even after tons of reviews of it making dogs very ill and killing mine!

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  3. Avatar of Chris from Hampshire

    Chris from Hampshire

    I have tried various Dental products in the past for my dogs and there have been various successes.

    Doggy Toothpaste tends to be difficult to dispense as the dogs are too busy licking it off as you are trying to brush and also the toothpast is a little more runny.
    This Dental Gel is a bit easier to use. I applied it with a doggy toothbrush, but it can also be applied on cotton wool, a finger toothbrush or even just your finger.

    Both the dogs did not object to it’s use and accepted it well. It is early days to tell whether the plaque and tartar problem will be resolved but I will report back on that after giving it a longer trial. It did not certainly freshen their breath. “Amber” my larger mongrel has really horrid breath, not sure why, unless it is the medication she has to have on a daily basis. The Dental Gel did help. “Maisy” the little Border Collie has not got perfect breath and she is also a fussy little dog. She accepted the application well and did not mind it at all.

    The best time to apply this is at bedtime when there is no more food to be offered and the dog has probably had it’s last drink. That way the product stays around the mouth to give a better chance of it working.

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  4. Avatar of singer


    If I had known that Neem oil was in this product I wouldn’t have purchased it. Neem Oil which I’ve used as a insecticide in my yard has made some dogs sick when ingested or used on skin and therefore I take no chances with such ingredients, which although a useful natural substance on its own has had some deadly affects. My sweeties are too dear to me to take the chance so I am throwing out this product. The toothbrush design is ridiculously useless so also gets tossed.

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  5. Avatar of Ankita Heath

    Ankita Heath

    My dog has been sick for two days straight after brushing his teeth with this product..He has had terrible poops and on top of that has been puking..I would advise people to be cautious when purchasing this.

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  6. Avatar of firehorse


    Better breath from my dog after using this.
    After using it several times my dog will allow me to brush his teeth a bit. Cant say he enjoys it but he needs it after a trip to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned.

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  7. Avatar of Rachel Cordon

    Rachel Cordon

    Bought this based on the ingredients description being natural and non-toxic. Item arrived with a lot extra in the ingredients list, including ingredients that are toxic to dogs (e.g clove oil). Go to return it… not eligible for return.
    Terrible. Going in the bin

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  8. Avatar of 3 Chihuahuas :)

    3 Chihuahuas :)

    Must be good tasting because our senior rescue who never had brushing likes it.

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  9. Avatar of UKInfamous


    We use this daily on our dogs, after 2 weeks we can deffinately notice and smell the difference! Toothbrush wasn’t great, since bought the vets best finger toothbrush and it is so much better.

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  10. Avatar of Lara Martin

    Lara Martin

    Y’all avoid this toothpaste like the plague. I just spent over $400 at the vet for emergency treatment of my dog. This toothpaste, used once with a very tiny amount, made my dog sick for over three days. Vomiting and diarrhea constantly for three days. Do you and your dogs a favor, do not buy this at all!!!! It is dangerous at best, possibly deadly at worst.

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  11. Avatar of Baxter Katz

    Baxter Katz

    I was very skeptical about using the dental gel . But after trying this for about 30 days I can’t believe the difference . I have a 14 year old whippet rescue and his teeth were horrible . The tartar has broken up and come off of his teeth with my fingernails it’s amazing how well this works . You have to be persistent and use it daily or even twice a day but it will do the trick .

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  12. Avatar of Ethan's Mom

    Ethan’s Mom

    Do not buy this! This made my dog vomit all over my house. It also made him very lethargic and he had a fever. I couldn’t figure out what was going on then I read about Neem oil Which is in this product. It should not be ingested by an animal. Obviously when you brush their teeth with it they’re going to swallow a lot of it. Neem Oil is a pesticide and is used to kill bugs on plants! Do not buy this unless you wanna make your dog ill and clean up puke all day! I will say though that the toothbrush that comes with it is awesome! It has three brushes connected so it gets all sides of the dogs tooth.

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  13. Avatar of AmazonCA Customer

    AmazonCA Customer

    From my and my wife’s perspective, this has definitely helped our English Mastiff’s “swamp mouth”. Not sure how our mastiff feels about it…. The brush works well and the toothpaste itself seems good. I started off brushing her teeth (our dog, not my spouse) every day and then reduced to a few times a week. Then I stopped for awhile and she seemed to be good for a week or more. So now I only brush as necessary. (her vet always comments on her teeth looking really good – so I don’t think it’s necessary to brush them for hygenic reasons other than breath). You may want to invest in a pair of good heavy rubber gloves, otherwise you’ll end up with drool almost up to your elbows. (depending on how much mouth there is to brush – and a 195lb Mastiff has a LOT of mouth) The only negative comment is that the cap on the tube almost broke off after the first use, so I’m more careful now opening and closing.

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