UniqueFit Pets Cats Dogs Automatic Waterer and Food Feeder 3.8 L with 1 Water Dispenser and 1 Pet Automatic Feeder

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UniqueFit Pets Cats Dogs Automatic Waterer and Food Feeder 3.8 L with 1 Water Dispenser and 1 Pet Automatic Feeder
  • 1.AUTOMATIC REFILLS: Pet mate’s Pet Cafe cat and dog feeder features gravity feed technology to dispense dry food as pets empty the bowl, prolonging time between refills.
  • 2.High-quality and environment material: our water dispenser and food feeder adopt food-grade plastic material, non-toxic no strange smell, please feel free to use; 100% new material, thick texture, durable, recyclable
  • 3.Easy and convenient to use: the feeder have opened lid on the top of the food storage containers to add food ,The waterer can be removed directly from the non-slip base, filled with water, and then fixed to the base.
  • 4.Big capacity feeder: large capacity 3.8L, Automatic pet watering system with gravity feed design, can last about 7days for small pets,3 days for big pets, you can rest assured to go on vacation, work, party, do not have to worry about pets will be hungry.
  • 5.Easy to clean: barrel and chassis can be split, you can rinse directly with water, it is recommended to wash once a week.

Specification: UniqueFit Pets Cats Dogs Automatic Waterer and Food Feeder 3.8 L with 1 Water Dispenser and 1 Pet Automatic Feeder

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Package Dimensions

15.1 x 12.5 x 7.1 inches, 2.55 Pounds

Date First Available

August 19, 2018



13 reviews for UniqueFit Pets Cats Dogs Automatic Waterer and Food Feeder 3.8 L with 1 Water Dispenser and 1 Pet Automatic Feeder

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Amy Winstanley

    Amy Winstanley

    Fabulous for use for my house rabbits, it makes it easier to keep water topped up etc.
    Only way to make this even better would be the option to buy food and water separately. We have no use for the food one as some dog amd cat owners may not either due to them not needing unlimited food.
    Although there are other brands that sell water dispenser individually they are not as nice and sturdy as this one.

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  2. Avatar of Em


    Received this today and used it straight away, so far so good. My little Kitty went straight up to it as soon as I put both food and water down.
    Easy to use, good quality, no mess.
    The lid comes off the top for the biscuits so you can top it up easily.
    The water dispenser is great, you fill the bottle up then put the top on and away you go, no water going everywhere like some I have used before.
    I can’t rate on the cleaning side as yet as It hasn’t been used long enough but it seems like it’s going to be ok.
    So far I definitely would recommend this product.
    Fast and efficient delivery, great communication skills. I would highly recommend.

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  3. Avatar of Rebecca Sunshine

    Rebecca Sunshine

    What a cute, functional little set of feeders. I’ve been very pleased with the quality and the functionality of this set. I would definitely recommend. If you’re looking for something unique to pamper yourself and your pooch this is a great buy~ You can just set it and for get it!

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  4. Avatar of Debomiller


    This auto water/feeder is fabulous. Extremely easy to clean and holds enough food and water so that when I have to travel for work, I know Felix is going to be fine with his food and water. Love this!

    So, I was able to use this twice and it worked fine. But today I wanted to use it and the water dispenser doesn’t release the water and the lid will mot go on the food container. I’m not sure if I stored it incorrectly or what happened. I stored it in a garage closet – not too hot but might have been too cold?

    Anyway – it was expensive to be able to only use twice. Would love to know what caused the problem.

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  5. Avatar of Marvin


    This is the third set of these I have ordered recently to keep cats located in three separate areas of our home fed and watered during short stays away from the home. They dispense water and dry food well and the food and water container are stable when mounted and not prone to easily fall over, as others have mentioned on different units of this type.

    The only thing I do not like is the base unit construction. There are four open holes the food/water containers snap into that allow water to enter the interior of the base unit when washed and the base unit is not designed to be easily separated for drying of the interior. So special effort needs to be made to ensure the interior of the base is dried so mold/mildew will not grow- which means shaking and tilting the base for drainage until air dried.

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  6. Avatar of chappedhands


    The reason this is less expensive than other feeders is that it does not seal off food in the holding container…as the cat eats, food in the jar shifts down into bowl. It is that simple, a low tech item. It is very well made, but if food were sitting there for a month then I imagine the food would eventually become stale. As my cat is a hearty big boy, I figure he will eat through a jar in about a week so I don’t mind the way it is designed.

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  7. Avatar of Mrs Blackley

    Mrs Blackley

    I bought this as I have 6 cats and wanted them to be able to snack and drink through the day when I’m working. It’s a really good size and much better quality than the ones I’ve bought in the shops locally. My cats were very interested in it straight away and I think it’s going to be a big hit. I think maybe the price is a little high for what is it, but overall I’m very pleased with this item

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  8. Avatar of Taylor M.

    Taylor M.

    My initial impression of this product was good which is why I bought it. However, after 45 days of use (and of course just outside my return window with Amazon) this is really disappointing.

    There seems to be a couple things about the design that bug me. The water tank, for example, has a pink (in my case) cap on the top of the bottle for appearance reasons that no matter how careful I am when filling the bottle with water also fills up the cap with water. Then when you turn the bottle right side up to put it back in the base the water from the cap runs down into the base or onto the floor. It’s frustrating because the base also collects water. So, slowly, after several refills you now have a base that is also full of water that you didn’t even know about.

    Also, the little plunger in the water tank broke off mine so this thing is essentially useless now and will need to be replaced.

    The food container has at several times gotten clogged by dog food. A couple of taps with my foot seems to free it up but it’s annoying with a self feeder. It’s supposed to self feed.

    Overall I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone until some of these design flaws are fixed. I’ll be contacting Amazon to see if I can get a refund anyways.

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  9. Avatar of Kaye


    I bought these to replace a name-brand set that I bought at Pet Smart because the “dispenser” function was poorly designed in that I had to shake food down into the bowl every 2-3 days. Not difficult by any standard but this made it hard to leave for longer than a weekend and trust that Sadie could get to her food. HERE – problem solved.

    It should be noted that this set is quite a bit larger than a similar design by the more popular brands. It wasn’t a problem for me but I took pictures for reference.

    Of course the most important factor is that Sadie loves them (so much so that when I went to take pictures for this review she jumped to intervene . . . I’m not allowed near without supervision for fear I might disturb the sanctity of her world).

    Happy Sadie = happy ME.

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  10. Avatar of Inesa


    Purchased those for my 15 lbs kitty when we go on vacation so she can have enough food and water. Worked great. I believe could supply her for like two weeks without refills

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  11. Avatar of Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith

    These automatic feeders are super easy to refill and great quality! It’s so nice not having to replenish my foster cat’s (Mr. Crinkles) feeding station constantly.

    I bought these for my sisters cat, Roo, a couple months ago. My Sis loves them so much that I decided to get the set too!

    I love that the water tank doesn’t spill out when you flip it upside down. I highly recommend.

    Oh last thing!! If your pet has no self control with food intake, they may gain a couple pounds from the convenience of these feeders. Roo started gaining weight so now my sister will only keep these out when she’s gone on trips. This is a really great thing for the pets that need to gain some weight :).

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  12. Avatar of Mrs. L. J. Dunn

    Mrs. L. J. Dunn

    The water part seems fairly good so far. Well it actually fit together so that was a start. The food part though? another so good. It won’t go together properly. It’s a nightmare trying to get the food part back together after cleaning and the storage part is wobbly as it’s poor fitting and it keeps getting knocked over. I expected better for the price. Won’t be buying it again. On my reason I’m haven’t retuned it is it’s too far to the nearest post office.

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  13. Avatar of Grace Skywalker

    Grace Skywalker

    This is so convenient. I’m going away for a few days. Although my sister will be checking on my cat, I wanted to make sure she has enough to eat and drink. She likes them so far.

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