Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl Raised Dog Feeder for Food and Water, Non Spill Edges & Non Skid Sturdy Melamine Stand, Reduce Neck Stress, Less…

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Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl Raised Dog Feeder for Food and Water, Non Spill Edges & Non Skid Sturdy Melamine Stand, Reduce Neck Stress, Less...
  • Neck Pressure Free – Elevated dog feeder for medium and large dogs as well as for the older dogs or dogs with muscle or joint problems, reducing their neck pressure during eating and drinking, makes mealtime more comfortable and happier!
  • Non Spill Dog Bowl – Higher edge on part of the rim to prevent food spilling
  • Non-slip Melamine Bowl – Rubber straps under melamine stand to ensure the bowl stay in a place during mealtime as well as protect the floor
  • Easy to Clean – Both the SS Bowl and melamine base are dishwasher safe, if the bowl is not oily, just use dishcloth or sponge to clean, rinse it in clean water and let it air dry is ok
  • Small Dog Bowl – For dogs less than 13.2lbs; melamine dog bowl stand size – 8.62*6.5*5.375 Inch(length*width*height),Stainless steel Bowl size – 5*2 Inch(diameter*depth),Capacity 300ml,holds up to 1 Cup particle food particle food

Specification: Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl Raised Dog Feeder for Food and Water, Non Spill Edges & Non Skid Sturdy Melamine Stand, Reduce Neck Stress, Less…

Product Dimensions

9.45 x 9.45 x 5.91 inches

Item Weight

11.7 ounces



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 8, 2016

13 reviews for Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl Raised Dog Feeder for Food and Water, Non Spill Edges & Non Skid Sturdy Melamine Stand, Reduce Neck Stress, Less…

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Captionator


    Why a 4? read on. I really like the look of the stand. Nice and sleek looking. The dedicated bowls, including the slow feed ones fit nicely. A real plus is that the like of many other makers’ standard stainless steel bowls also fit nicely (that’s why I bought this). My existing 21.5cm diameter bowls fit nicely. Dedicated bowls are easy to clean and the stand can easily be wiped down. The rubber on the base of the stand does help a great deal with grip on wood, vinyl and tiled floors.
    But here’s where the problem lies and why a redesign is needed:
    Like the raised edge where the bowl fits in – does reduce spills – but this is where there is a slight problem. Yes, taking bowls out can be an issue. If your dog licks its food bowl (now nicely slimed) it can be hard to get it out due to the rim around the stand. You could tilt the stand to ease a food bowl out that way but it’s not so easy to do that with a water bowl. What we need is a couple of points where there’s a gap in rim of the stand so that you can get a finger either side of the rim of the bowl to lift it out. Am aware that would mean the “no-spill” element of the design would be slightly compromised but I think it would help users a great deal. Maybe there’s some other way this could be redesigned to make positioning and removal of bowls easier.

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  2. Avatar of Santessa


    I had a wire raised bowl for my large Golden Retriever, but he was frightened of it as it moved (he is a baby), but this plastic model is great. It’s solid and does not move. So I now have a very happy Golden Retriever. Highly recommended😁

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  3. Avatar of Leah


    My senior English bulldog seemed like she strained her neck while drinking water in a classic ceramic bowl, despite her short stature. She would tilt her head back after getting water and make a raspy noise. She drinks clear and without difficulty with this product. The stand is sturdy and doesn’t move around. It is made of a high quality plastic material and comes with the stainless steel bowl, which is easy to take in and out to clean or fill it up, yet it fits secure in the stand so no water leaks through. I would only use this for water, as the 2.5 cup is smaller than I thought it would be. The next size up would be best for food for this breed. The only downfall, I wish the one edge that is higher than the other was actually even higher. This product does contain the water a lot better (saving us from water damage!), there is still some that escapes behind it.

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  4. Avatar of Penny S

    Penny S

    I have 5 mini poodles who are all getting up in years (15-11). They were having a very difficult time eating out of the regular bowl on the floor (which they used for 15 years). They kept dropping the food and making a mess of it falling out of the bowl. I felt bad for them. I decided to invest in 5 of these elevated bowls for each of them. Wow! What an amazing difference. They all are so happy now! No more problems! Even my picky little chocolate brown mini on the end in the picture eats with no hesitation anymore. I wish I had thought of buying this years ago.
    I am a throughly content customer! I highly recommend these bowls especially elderly dogs!

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  5. Avatar of Lisa Cummings

    Lisa Cummings

    Pros: It is great looking, easy to clean, and does not slide on solid-surface floors or carpet (has rubber in bottom). Also, the modern flare on the side that makes it look asymmetrical – is actually functional. It helps your dog use the side of the bowl to get the food in their mouth. One of our dogs has an underbite, and this has helped him eat more easily.

    Cons: for reference, my photos show a size Large bowl. The dogs in our photos are 50 pounds. We bought the size that shows the standard poodle in the size chart. I think many people who buy elevated bowls will want a higher elevation.

    You can see in the photos how our dogs necks are still bent. At the same time, they are much more comfortable than having bowls directly on the floor. I think the size chart calls the bowl Large, but in a pet store in the United States, these would probably be called Medium bowls. They work fine for our 50 pound dogs, but I’m leaving this in the review because I think some people will prefer to go up a size. I attached photos so that you can see their ergonomic position and size relative to a 50 pound dog.

    Love the product!

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  6. Avatar of Usij


    We’re very happy with this dog bowl. We got it for our GSD pup when he was 2 months old, he’s now 13 months and still enjoys eating his meals from it. The 4 cup size is perfect for feeding 2 x 250g meals per day (mix of kibble and meat).
    We tend to handwash the bowl on a daily basis, but being fully dishwasher safe it’s great to ensure it’s throroughly cleaned every once in a while.

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  7. Avatar of DebOnAmazon


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I really like these, they’re very attractive and my dog loves them. You can tell from the video and photo the position of her neck vs if the bowl was on the floor. And she’s young and will get taller so I’m glad I got these. I think I might need a bigger size though for the food eventually but right now it’s great! I do like the cut out on the side to put your hand in to pick it up and it is non-slip on the bottom which I really like. The high back on the back of it helps keep food from being pushed out onto the floor and that’s great.

    I mistakingly thought that the position of these bowls would help keep her ears out of her food and water dish. Not so much. But the manufacture doesn’t advertise it for that purpose so I’m certainly not going to take a star away. It does what it’s advertised to do and it does it better than any I’ve seen.

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  8. Avatar of erin


    I have gone through A LOT of elevated dog feeder options. My dog currently eats dry and canned food and has trouble getting the canned foot out of any dish. Previous feeders rust, rot, tip, move or end up looking gross. This product is amazing-and has none of those problems! She is a large golden retriever (tall) and this is perfect height for her. I have washed both the inner bowl and stand in the dishwasher. The raised back prevents the food from getting stuck or falling behind the feeder. The inner space below the steel bowl is actually deeper and could also function as a water bowl if you needed. I am very happy with this purchase-wish I had tried it first!

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  9. Avatar of Mia


    I have a very elderly dog and it was only when I lifted his food up (because he’s not eating much) to coax him to eat he ate quite a lot.

    It dawned on me that his bowl was now too low for him.
    I looked at the reviews even reading the negatives but took a chance and ordered two.

    These bowls are amazing and I wish I had got them sooner.
    The bowl is easy for me to get out both with food in and empty and I have severe arthritis in my hands.

    The second one was for my English Springer Spaniel who is 20 months old … It’s ideal for him as his ears stay clean lol… I would certainly recommend them and willing never go back to having a bowl on the floor again …. You just cannot fault them at all.

    Thank you

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  10. Avatar of Tania


    I have 2 large breed dogs and a water fountain, therefore these single raised bowls are perfect. It comes with a stainless steel 22cm bowl but i can still use my 21 and 22 cm bowls as well – this is the 4cup size. In a perfect world they could’ve had this largest sixe an inch or two higher. Easy to clean and looks nice when not in use due to the simple but almost elegant design.

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  11. Avatar of Donna


    Got this for my old chihuahua with spine disease. He likes the height and drinks from this bowl even when a lower one is right beside it.

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  12. Avatar of Daniel Radick

    Daniel Radick

    This dish works very well for our 100 lb. labrador. His previous food dish would scoot along the floor. Subsequently, a food stain line would be left along whatever piece of furniture his food dish happened to get wedged up against. The slanted lip around the top edge of this dish keeps the food in the bowl area, so there are no longer food stain lines left on walls and nearby furniture. Also, the dish no longer slides around, but is kept in place in the holder. Finally, the dog no longer has to bend so far to the ground to eat.

    There were a few areas that the company could improve upon. The first is packaging. When the product arrived, it looked like someone had sat on the box. The exterior of the box was so damaged, my spouse and I thought the product would be broken for sure. Fortunately, it was in tact though. Another aspect that could use improvement is the amount of time it took from the placement of the order to the actual delivery of the product. That seemed a bit too long.The final area that could be improved concerns the height of the bowl. While it is better than when our dog was eating in a dish directly on the ground, it still does not seem quite high enough for him to eat comfortably. This was the largest size we saw that was available for purchase. We would appreciate a taller version of this product.

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  13. Avatar of April


    I was having a problem with my dog picking up her bowl and carrying it across the floor, spilling her food everywhere while doing so. So, I was looking for a bowl that she would not be able to pick up and carry or knock over, and this bowl is exactly what I needed! It does not slide, and she is not able to remove the aluminum bowl out of place. Plus, she doesn’t have to bend as far down to reach her food which is a bonus. I find these bowls to be a little pricey, but they certainly seem worth it. 45 pound husky in the photo for reference

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