Snoozz — Tab & Window Snoozing

Snoozz – Tab & Window Snoozing 

Snoozz is an excellent tab and window snoozing browser extension alternative to Tab Snooze, which I’ve posted about before but has been wonky since the last Chrome update. In fact, Snoozz’s developer, Rohan, emailed back this morning to advise that a recurrence or “repeat” feature has just been added to Snoozz (something I recommended that Tab Snooze has), and that he’s working on audible notifications. 

 If you’re not using a tab/window snoozing extension on your favored browser to set tabs and windows to reopen, you’re doing it wrong. I have multiple websites/web addresses set to reopen on a particular day or on a recurring schedule that I’ve set (once a ____, or on every ___ day of the month, etc.).   This is like me telling you how I do one of my card magic tricks. You’re welcome. 

 Thanks, Rohan, for coding a most excellent extension. 



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