Pronto Insurance Franchise vs. Renegade Insurance

Since Pronto Insurance runs on a franchise model, there are various fees and charges involved. The initial franchise fee ranges from $20,000 to $40,000, and total initial investment can range from $52,925 to $120,950. Since they are a franchise, there are also various training, tech, and marketing fees that they charge from time to time. They do offer a 25% discount on the franchise fee for veterans though.

Pronto Insurance also has a retail requirement, so regular upkeep of your storefront and hiring staff will add to your costs. A look at Pronto Insurance reviews online shows that although employees are happy with the experience they get, they are not happy with the finances.

On the other hand, Renegade Insurance has one of the lowest financial barriers of entry into the market. They only charge their agents a $100 monthly service charge, and nothing else. They also do not have a retail requirement, so agents can run their agencies from the comfort of their homes.

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