PetSafe Drinkwell 1/2, 1, or 2 Gallon Pet Fountains, Best for Cats, Dogs and Multiple Pets, Adjustable Stream, Fresh Water Dispenser, Easy to Clean…

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PetSafe Drinkwell 1/2, 1, or 2 Gallon Pet Fountains, Best for Cats, Dogs and Multiple Pets, Adjustable Stream, Fresh Water Dispenser, Easy to Clean...
  • CUSTOMIZE WATER FLOW: Adjustable flow control lets you choose how fast the water flows from the free-falling stream; turn off the water stream for quieter operation or for the shyest cats
  • 1/2-GALLON WATER CAPACITY: This BPA-free plastic pet fountain is a compact size and perfect for cats or small dogs
  • ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: A free-falling stream of water entices pets to drink more and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration
  • DID YOU KNOW: Your pet needs 1 oz of water per 1 lb they weigh every day, so a 12 lb cat should drink 12 oz of water each day
  • NO THIRSTY PETS: Open bowl-design, whisker-friendly tray design holds water even if your power goes out
  • FRESH, FILTERED WATER: Replaceable carbon filter refreshes the circulating water while the foam filter catches pet hair and debris
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The BPA-free plastic fountain is top-rack dishwasher safe (excluding the pump) and specifically designed with no hard-to-reach places
  • COMPATIBLE FILTERS AND PUMP: Fountain uses PetSafe Carbon Filter #6 (PAC00-13906), PetSafe Foam Filter #5 (PAC00-13711) and PetSafe Replacement Pump (PAC00-16977)
  • U.S.-BASED CUSTOMER CARE: Let our pet product experts help; we’re available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions.

Specification: PetSafe Drinkwell 1/2, 1, or 2 Gallon Pet Fountains, Best for Cats, Dogs and Multiple Pets, Adjustable Stream, Fresh Water Dispenser, Easy to Clean…

Product Dimensions

10.35 x 9.49 x 5 inches, 2.56 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

May 14, 2019


Radio Systems Corporation

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11 reviews for PetSafe Drinkwell 1/2, 1, or 2 Gallon Pet Fountains, Best for Cats, Dogs and Multiple Pets, Adjustable Stream, Fresh Water Dispenser, Easy to Clean…

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  1. Avatar of Davebrass62


    After reading all the great reviews I was really looking forward to using this for my rabbits. Assembly was easy and quick. I filled it with water plugged it in the wall and nothing happened! I could hear the pump running but there wasn’t any water coming up to the top of the fountain. I double checked and made sure I had it set to max flow. I disassembled the fountain and started the pump with nothing attached. It barely created enough pressure to push the water out of itself. I double checked everything again, and same issue. I’m not sure if I got that one in a 1000 bad pump or not, but I’m returning for a refund.

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  2. Avatar of W. Baker

    W. Baker

    This is the third water fountain I have purchased for my cats and I like this one the best.

    Once I figured out how it goes together by assembling and in un-assembling it a few times. The tube to the top is tricky and takes some alignment. Also some snap in issues with the tower. Overall it’s a filtered water dish.

    The ones with a gallon reservoir was nice but I always spilled water on the kitchen floor when changing and never let the cats drink from it for more than a few days. Due to liter and food crumbs building up from the whiskers or when a tail for some reason hit the water.

    This one, I just empty and rinse it every few days and change the filter monthly along with cleaning the filter around the pump for fur. The bowl has enough water to leave the kitties for a weekend. One of my cats likes to drink from the flowing water while the other drinks from it like a bowl. I am happy with my purchase.

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  3. Avatar of Kuz


    I bought this on Mar 23, 2021 it is 6/20/21.
    Haven’t had an issue with it yet.
    I’ve replaced the filter a handful of times.
    There’s no leaking or pump issues.

    In depth;
    I honestly feel like some people can’t figure out what the little lever in the top of the water fountain is for… Or they expect it to run without being plugged in? I’ve encountered people in retail that expected their PC to come with an internet service for free. So it wouldn’t surprise me. The lever on the top sets how much force the water has going through the pump. I have it on max and it has a water stream of about half an inch wide and sounds like a water fountain.

    If I don’t wash this thing ever week and a half, it will get the bubble issue but that’s just from pet use. If you’re lazy this thing wont clean it self you still have to perform maintenance on it. It is advertised as a water filter and that is all it is. It is not an automatic water bowl cleaner and filter.

    Water filters mostly all use charcoal even Britta. You’ll fine bits of charcoal in your Britta pitcher. Charcoal unless you are eating pounds of it is fine. They make charcoal tablets for you to take OTC. The 40 or so flakes isn’t going to hurt your pet, but maybe you should clean the bowl more often.

    If the thing is leaking you probably should get it replaced cause it either got damaged in shipping or you broke it.

    My only gripe is for my use the cable is too short and it definitely needs more insulation if your pet is a chewer. Thankfully there are cable protectors you can buy but honestly a pet product should come with that. Also it would be a lot easier if the detach point of the cable was closer to the pump then it is but I guess that is for safety encase a pet manages to flip the thing.

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  4. Avatar of Ninis


    A mis gatos les encantó, solo hay que tenerle suficiente agua siempre o emite un zumbido si el agua baja un poco de las rejillas.

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  5. Avatar of MLB


    We bought one of the original PetSafe drinkwell units about 10 years ago. It was fantastic. Our vet recommend this for our cat who developed the need to drink ONLY from a running water source. The pump finally stopped working on the original and instead of buy just a new pump, we decided to buy a new unit. The new design is more difficult to both assemble and clean but I am happy with the additional filter that will help keep fur out of the pump. The pump is slightly more quiet than our old unit.

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  6. Avatar of PDXMartin


    This fountain from PetSafe is an absolute DREAM overall.

    I have had a PetMate fountain for over a decade. It was an excellent fountain but had a few less than perfect features. Too many nooks and crannies made cleaning difficult and the pieces fit together poorly and would let water leak out the back seam above the main base.

    The PetSafe fountain has a large main reservoir/base that has no little nooks or crannies that would make it hard to clean. The pump and fountain and all plumbing/tubing are fully self contained within the base area. There is no way for water to “wick” or trickle out.

    It holds over half a gallon of water and the setup provides options for quiet drinkers who like the water just sitting still, trickle drinkers who like water to be “falling” from a faucet edge, and film drinkers who like water to be moving over a surface.

    The only, and it is MINOR, drawback is the pump is a little noisy. And it sounds more like the noise is from the bits and pieces of the tubing that moves the water upwards to the top “pool” area.

    You won’t be disappointed with this fountain. Great capacity, easy to clean, replacement filters/foam are reasonably priced, and it won’t leak from poor design issues.

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  7. Avatar of Holly Luera

    Holly Luera

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Doesnt push water hard enough to ever create a fountain. Manual says to turn flow know counterclockwise to decrease flow even though indention says opposite. The connector tube has zero function. The foam filter stops the impeller but it doesnt matter because the impeller and pump are not strong enough to push water up pass the carbon filter.

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  8. Avatar of Joshua Baker

    Joshua Baker

    My pets were loving this drinking dish, and so was I. Sadly on day 5 it just stopped working 😖 There is no return policy, and sadly I’m not out $79.00. I’ve looked on Amazon on how to get replace and with the policy in place it seems I’m just out the money and a fountain.

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  9. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    The pump that’s provided doesn’t pump the water up into the bowl. i wanted to return the Pet Fountain and learned there’s no refunds for this item, though when I ordered it there was no indication it was non refundable.

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  10. Avatar of Ray0603


    Right out of the box I followed the assembly instructions and added the water to the bowl however, when I plugged the motor it did not provide enough force to allow the water to flow out of the tube.
    I disassembled the unit thinking that I assembled wrong the first time and started all over again; this time asking my daughter to assist just to make sure that I was following the instructions correctly. Again no water coming out of the flow tube.
    I then removed the cover and the water flow adjustment and looked inside the flow tube to see if any water would come out of the tube or ti see if I could find any obstructions. I could clearly see that the water was flowing, pump was working, but it did not have enough force the water to come up the tube.
    I disassembled for the second time and this time I repackaged the item. I am returning this item along with the extra filters I also purchased back to Amazon and requesting my money back.
    I then went and ordered another brand water fountain from Amazon.
    Bottom line, not purchasing this brand in the future.

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  11. Avatar of Mariana García

    Mariana García

    Mis gatas son felices y toman mucha agua durante el día. Al principio les daba mucho hipo por dejarles muy abierta la caída del agua, por lo que recomiendo que vayan midiendo el tamaño del chorro del agua conforme se vayan acostumbrando a tomar más agua. También, es importante poner agua potable, no de la llave para que se conserve mejor el agua y los filtros no se ensucien tan rápido.

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