PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain, Ultra Quiet with Two Flow Modes, BPA-Free Capsule Pet Water Fountain, 71oz/2.1L Visible Water Level Dog Water…

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PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain, Ultra Quiet with Two Flow Modes, BPA-Free Capsule Pet Water Fountain, 71oz/2.1L Visible Water Level Dog Water...
  • Runs Ultra Quietly & Encourages Drinking: PETLIBRO cat drinking fountain uses a patented outlet pipe, which is absolutely silent even when the water level get low. The Bubble fountain and free-falling stream can meet the need of different pets and increase the fun of pets.
  • BPA-free & Emergency Water Storage: Made of high quality ABS material, PETLIBRO automatic pet water fountain is BPA-free, durable, safe and easy to operate and clean. With a water storage capacity of about 80ml, it can provide water for your pet in case of power outages.
  • Large Drinking Space & Visible Water Level: 2.1L PETLIBRO automatic dog water dispenser has a large effective drinking space, it’s suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the pet’s overall water consumption.
  • Widespread & Efficient Filtration: PETLIBRO cat water fountain is equipped with a large-size carbon filter (Quadruple Filtration System) and a sponge filter. 6.7*0.35 inches filter covers almost the entire water tray to purify the water more efficiently. The pre-filter foam in the pump can also filter impurities and extend pump life.
  • Easy to Set Up and Clean: PETLIBRO cat water dispenser is ergonomic that all parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and replacement. For your pet health, it’s recommended to change the filters, clean the pump and fountain every 2-4 weeks.

Specification: PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain, Ultra Quiet with Two Flow Modes, BPA-Free Capsule Pet Water Fountain, 71oz/2.1L Visible Water Level Dog Water…

Product Dimensions

8.86 x 5.6 x 5.5 inches, 1.95 Pounds

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Date First Available

April 21, 2021



11 reviews for PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain, Ultra Quiet with Two Flow Modes, BPA-Free Capsule Pet Water Fountain, 71oz/2.1L Visible Water Level Dog Water…

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  1. Avatar of Beverly L. Senzee

    Beverly L. Senzee

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’ve bought a least have a dozen water fountains for my cat in the past several years from Amazon, and this one is must definitely my favorite. It is relatively small and fits nicely in small spaces. You can even see the water level from the outside, which is a requirement for me. Easy to use & put together. No real complaints about the product here!⛲

    P.S. & it is super quiet

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  2. Avatar of P. Julia

    P. Julia

    Brand new product, and a long hair came stuck between the body and the base. I pulled it, and the rest of the hair is left stuck.

    I wouldn’t have given this a one star review IF THE BASE WAS REMOVABLE so I CAN GET THE DISGUSTING HAIR OUT!!

    It’s just, now I have to see that hair strand that god knows whom it belongs to EVERY TIME I try to fill the water for my pet. No, it’s not a good feeling.

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  3. Avatar of Ryan


    I had been waiting for a more appealing cat water fountain model to be available on Amazon as many of the others just look tacky and out of place for my style. This water fountain is very good looking and sleek, I like the hints of blue which make it look like its fresh water. The frosted glass look of the water tank compartment makes it easy to see if I need to refill it soon, without just having that fully transparent plastic material that others have which make it look cheap. Compared to my old water fountain, this one is definitely very quiet, and it holds a lot of water too. Both of my cats enjoy drinking straight from the spout and sometimes from the “pool” and there is plenty of room for whichever option they prefer. My only gripe which is common with most fountains is that the wire to power it is a little short, so I have to connect it to a power bank which is then connected to the wall outlet to act as an extension (you can pick up a USB extension cord on Amazon too for relatively cheap if you need). The wire measures just under 4 feet when it is installed not including the portion which is run through the inside of the fountain. Otherwise, this is your best choice in terms of design, functionality, and ease of use.

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  4. Avatar of Sara


    I like that it’s compact but still holds plenty of water fory 4 cats. It’s very quiet and looks easy to clean. I’ll update my review in a few weeks with feedback on that. I’m going to give a day but so far the top dish isn’t holding water evenly…only part of the retainer dish has water in it and that could be a problem for the two cats that won’t drink from the spout… Perhaps, it’s because I just put the thing together only 30 minutes before writing this review. For now, I give it 4 stars and hope that things level out within 24 hours. Overall, I like the product and the price seems fair.

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  5. Avatar of Sofia


    Ordered this for my cat who has a flat face and she loves it. I can hear her lapping away at it every little while. It was easy enough to assemble but the biggest downfall right now is that I can’t buy replacement filters anywhere! I’m buying from Canada and the Amazon listing for replacement filters says “unavailable” and their site only ships within the US. I emailed them — hopefully I’ll get a response. For something that requires filter replacement every 2 weeks (!!!) this is a huge letdown. Basically inutile already.

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  6. Avatar of AJ


    This fountain has a really nice, simple design compared to all the other pet fountains on Amazon while being very simple to assemble and disassemble. You can have it in two configurations whether it be with the water fall or without, both are surprisingly quiet and appealing options. I’m so glad I can easily see the water level of the tank from the outside of the frosted plastic which makes it easy for me to know when to change out the water and help extend the life of the pump. All in all this is a great example of a product that is functional yet appealing to the eye.

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  7. Avatar of Kathleen


    I am more disappointed with my cats than anything else. Instead of just enjoying the fountain, my one cat instantly pulled on the top and knocked it over, spilling all the water. I then put it in a basin – but my other cat flipped the lid and knocked it over in the basin. When they weren’t trying to take it apart, they drank from the fountain right away and I could tell they liked it. It’s so nice looking, easy to put together and I can see it would be so easy to clean. So if you have nice, placid cats, I highly recommend it… you will love it. However if your cats are like mine, they will just take it apart in no time. This is my 4th fountain. They have taken every one apart.

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  8. Avatar of Solti


    Things are mostly working except 2 issued:

    1. I’m seeing mold on the filter in day 4. See the attached picture. Feels like I will spend a fortune on filters. I may choose not to use filters and replace the water daily.
    2. The water doesn’t “spring” once the water reached < 50% of capacity. It could only slowly flow at that point.

    EDIT: the motor stopped working after 2 weeks. So I’m changing to 1 star

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  9. Avatar of rower2296


    Worked for less than a month, just stopped working. Cats enjoyed it in the beginning but the product should absolutely last more than a month.

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  10. Avatar of Annie


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I just set this up today but after running that other one the past week I wanted to jump out my window. My little one has stage 3 kidney disease so I endured it. Then I realized if the power goes out, there would be no water as there is no reserve on that one. This Petlibro is ultra quiet and has a small reserve (I wish was a bit bigger and more round than the shape it is) It’s very easy to assemble and immediately after purchase the company sent a pleasant email with instructions and a thank you for choosing their product. Well I thank them for the silence I now have! Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

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  11. Avatar of marie


    If you thought of buying your pet an automatic fountain water bowl this is it. It’s super easy to assemble and wash, super quiet (i’m in the same room and can’t hear it)

    Fresh water for my baby 🤍

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