PETKIT CYBERTAIL Elevated Dog Cat Bowls Stainless Steel Bowls, 15° Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowls, Stress Free Food Grade Material, Nonslip…

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PETKIT CYBERTAIL Elevated Dog Cat Bowls Stainless Steel Bowls, 15° Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowls, Stress Free Food Grade Material, Nonslip...
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Bowls: Solid, dishwasher-safe, and harmless to pets
  • Raised Bowls can help improve cat’s digestion and 0/15° tilted reduces the strain of leaning bodies
  • The deep and wide shape prevents whisker fatigue, and rounded edges make it easy to get food
  • Slightly inclined surface prevents food spilling. Bottom rubberized grips make stable
  • Bowls are removable(simply rotate the cat bowl into buckle) and dishwasher safe. No Microwave

Specification: PETKIT CYBERTAIL Elevated Dog Cat Bowls Stainless Steel Bowls, 15° Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowls, Stress Free Food Grade Material, Nonslip…

Product Dimensions

13 x 6.3 x 5 inches, 1.57 Pounds

Date First Available

January 1, 2020



13 reviews for PETKIT CYBERTAIL Elevated Dog Cat Bowls Stainless Steel Bowls, 15° Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowls, Stress Free Food Grade Material, Nonslip…

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Brassknuckle


    Another awesome product from petkit. I have to wonder why anyone didn’t think of this before. As you can see from the photos, you can mount the bowls tilted or flat.

    Tilted bowl is especially great for my cat as he tends to throw his food out of bowls.

    Stainless bowls seem sturdy and plastic base come with rubber legs to hold itself in place.

    I also like that the base is higher than typical bowls. My cat seems to be more comfortable eating.

    Overall, great product and I recommend.

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  2. Avatar of Michelle


    Bowls are absolutely fantastic. They look great and are perfect height and tilt. I also emailed asking about purchasing extra bowls and I have never worked with such a great company. They responded in minutes and are so willing to help! I will purchase more products from them just for that reason alone. Great all around!!!

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  3. Avatar of Portia74


    I am a fan of PetKit products: they cost more, but the engineering design and quality are well worth it. For example, PetKit’s stainless water fountain is easily ten times easier to clean and the water filtration is superb, as opposed to a cheaper, all plastic model I initially bought. The price is high, but it’s a game changer.

    For reference, we have 5 cats: one 12, two 4 year olds, and 2 kittens. When offered a chance to try this bowl system, I accepted, as my plastic two bowl molded one-piece cheapie thing had gotten pretty beat up, and to be honest, wasn’t easy to clean anymore.

    I’ve used this for a little less than a week, and I can recommend it for all cats. Here’s what I found:

    1.) Quality: up to PetKit’s higher standards. Sturdy solid plastic frame, well-turned bowls with no finishing defects. There was a little dust on the frame, probably from packaging: easily wiped off, although I always do a quick wash on new food containers for cats anyway. (Not for mine, though, go figure!)

    2.) Size: the platform is substantial but not overwhelming. It’s not dainty, and neither are my cats. The size actually catches most spills. It has a small lip around the edge of the plastic base that prevents most dry food from flying on the rest of the floor. Tiny Wet food particles will stick to the plastic as much as any other platform, so no difference there. The larger size may help the four rubber pads on the bottom keep their grip. And these pads aren’t the cheap kind that fall off.

    3.) Bowl size and design. The bowls are a little larger than other bowls, having a more rounded base than the typical flat base. Because of the angle option, this meant I was able to use the usual portion size and not have it spill out. Yay!

    4.) How the angle is achieved: so this is kind of cool. Both bowls are built like stand-mixer bowls: put the small “foot” underneath the bowl into the base’s hole and give a 1/4 turn and it’s “locked” in. Untwisting is easy for those of us with opposable thumbs, not cats. Even better, there are TWO settings! There is a second hole just below and overlapping with the first (so it looks like a figure 8, or a Venn Diagram), that can be used to set the bowls FLAT/LEVEL. That’s just cool. I used the flat for water and the angle for food, just for testing purposes, and no problems of uneven weight, spills, etc.

    5.) Effects of the angle: so I’d be fine recommending this system if it were just flat, so the angle is an added bonus. I am no vet and my cats’ digestion is just fine overall, but the twelve year old regurgitates his food once every month or so, so I got this for him to see if it helps. We’ll see.

    Now, there are some kittens born with a condition called Megaesophagus (go online and check this out) and having them eat at a raised angle is supposed to help. Again, I am NOT a vet: I just saw a video where a one-off system was made. This reminds me of it, and if it works, how cool that everyone who needs one can get one! That said, I don’t have a way to test this, but the concept is there.

    There is only one problem if this is the concept: my cats swarmed, and the kittens actually ate from the Tall side! Thus defeating the purpose. There’s a common-sense fix to this: put it against against a wall. The older cats knew what was up and ate from the lower side. I just noticed this because I had it out in the middle of the room to see if it moved. My bad. What I’ll do now is make this the 12 year olds exclusive bowl and see if it helps. If I had just two cats, this wouldn’t be a problem.

    Even if your cat doesn’t have an extreme medical issue, it’s a very good food bowl system with a lot of options and great quality. If you need a new bowl and want to get something that will last, I’d recommend this.

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  4. Avatar of Liesl Forbes

    Liesl Forbes

    This cat food/water bowl works very well for my single cat. I bought it because we did some renovating/redecorating, and I wanted something that wouldn’t be an eyesore in the room. It is sleek and tidy looking and matches our decor.

    Some commenters’ cats had some trouble adjusting to the shiny stainless steel bowls, but my cat ate happily the first time I used it. No problem. I actually love the stainless steel’s clean look, and I know after volunteering in a shelter where disease spreads like wild fire that its non-porous surface is the most hygienic.

    I was looking for a raised, tilted bowl for my 17-year-old guy who is getting a little rickety. This fits the bill.

    Some commenters indicated their bowls were hard to remove or attach. I have no such trouble and didn’t from the first feeding.

    The price point was very reasonable compared to other such bowls.

    We and our cat are very happy with this purchase.

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  5. Avatar of John Sinclair

    John Sinclair

    Was not what I expected, thought it would be much heavier at the base and it is just really thin plastic.

    The price is actually shocking for what it is, you will see if you buy one.

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  6. Avatar of Romy rachel

    Romy rachel

    The bowls look very sophisticated and are easy to use. Our kitten wouldn’t drink water from it somehow so we now use one bowl for the wet food and the other for dry food.

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  7. Avatar of hannah


    Got this for my Persian cat as he sometimes struggled to eat of a normal dish due to the flat face, this new bowl is much better and wider and because you can tilt it it’s much easier for him to eat without bending down so much. Good quality worth every penny.

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  8. Avatar of magnus


    It does what it says but unfortunately you cannot get replacement bowls for it… So you feed your cats in the morning, wash dishes. Then feed them at night, wash dishes. Rinse repeat…. You have to constantly be washing dishes. If you could buy more bowls it would be great.
    The other thing is the mirrored reflection was not a good idea… Our cats got scared of their reflection the 1st time we fed them.

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  9. Avatar of kindlefire09-8


    I have always had a problem with my one cat vomiting undigested food. My vet told me she was probably eating too fast. I stumbled upon an ad on FB stating the bowl position was the reason for cats vomiting. Bowls resting on the floor put their neck at an odd angle and can cause acid reflux. The bowls in the add came from China and it was COVID-19 time. So off to Amazon to search and I found these. I’ve used them for about 2 weeks and my cat has not vomited once! It was almost a daily occurrence prior to purchasing these! I did have to rest their old bowls inside these to get them to eat. But after a few days I could put the food directly into these bowls and they did not complain.

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  10. Avatar of EngineerMom


    I ordered these after my two indoor cats came down with chin acne. Turns out the plastic in their old food dish was the cause. These bowls are metal and can be used for either food or water. They secure into the base by screwing into the base with a 1/4 turn. You can either connect them as flat or with a small (15 degree I believe) angle. We have been using these for a few weeks and I have never had the bowls come loose from the base. At first they were tight to get to turn and lock into place, but after a few times they lock in easier. I think these bowls are a great product for the price point.

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  11. Avatar of Alejandro R.

    Alejandro R.

    🤔El comedero doble es de calidad pero este es un ejemplo de necesidades artificiales que nos crean a base de marketing.

    🐱He tenido que volver a poner el comedero de siempre porque mi gata no comía de este modelo nuevo. Supongo que la resulta incómodo. Lo único que hacía es sacar el pienso con la patita y comerlo en el suelo.

    🤦‍♂️Los supuestos beneficios son mas marketing que otra cosa. Los gatos y felinos en libertad comen sus presas en el suelo, y nuestras mascotas llevan haciéndolo siempre y ahí están.

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  12. Avatar of Rocca Ross

    Rocca Ross

    Bought for our Maltese dog. Perfect size bowls, looks great, easy to clean.

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  13. Avatar of BC


    Great looking bowls! Our kitten had no problem eating and drinking from them and didn’t push them over either (which happened in the past with other containers). The metal bowls are shiny on the outside and mat on the inside, meaning that there still is a reflection, but not mirror-like. Only downside is that there are no replacement bowls to purchase separately.

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