Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack, Cat Backpack Carrier, Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats, Dog Backpack Bag for Hiking Travel Camping…

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Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack, Cat Backpack Carrier, Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats, Dog Backpack Bag for Hiking Travel Camping...
  • 【 Expandable Design 】 This pet carrier with an expandable back design gives your pet more space to rest and increase air circulation, allows your pet to move around more comfortably and reduces the anxiety. Airline approved? Each airline sets their own specific requirements, so it is advised to check with your airline of choice.
  • 【 Ventilation & Visibility 】 1, The top of the dog backpack can be open, for your pet to stick their head out off, you can zip the cover on the mesh for breathability and visibility or you can snap on the shade cover to protect from the sun. 2, Three-sided acrylic sheet design can provide good light transmission. There are four venting holes + venting net design on the left and right sides to ensure air circulation and no sultry heat.
  • 【 Adjustable Shoulder Strap 】 Widened design, adjustable shoulder pad to help reduce load and increase comfort, two retractable buckles on the top and bottom of the cat backpack to prevent shoulder strap deviation and maintain the stability of the pet puppy carrier.
  • 【 Sturdy and Comfortable Bottom – Double-sided Used 】 The dog carrier has a removable firm bottom that can be unzipped and features soft, comfy padding for your pet to sit or sleep on comfortably. It can be used on both sides: the bottom mat is made of short plush. In the winter, pets can stay indoors to stay warm and comfortable; the other side is oxford-cloth design, suitable for summer, cool and breathable! It can be removed and washed separately!
  • 【 Storage and Safety 】 1, Made of high-quality oxford cloth, waterproof, anti-scratch, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating, let your pet breathe freely and relax. 2, There are two bags for storage on the side of the pet bag, one for waste bags and dispensers and water bottle holders, another for storing a mobile phone, wallets, and other small items. 3, Built-in retractable hook safety rope with anti-escape zip to prevent pets from escaping.

Specification: Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack, Cat Backpack Carrier, Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats, Dog Backpack Bag for Hiking Travel Camping…

Product Dimensions

15 x 10 x 2 inches, 4.01 Pounds

Date First Available

June 3, 2019



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8 reviews for Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack, Cat Backpack Carrier, Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats, Dog Backpack Bag for Hiking Travel Camping…

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  1. Avatar of Angelina A

    Angelina A

    This thing has so many cute features! It has a side pocket with a zíper. The other side pocket has a draw string. This really made traveling easier compared to lugging around my cat in a standard carrier by hand.

    When waiting in the terminal, I pop open the extra compartment for my cat to lay down. Once on the plane I removed the hard flooring, turn the back back on it back (with the backpack straps facing the floor) and slide it under the seat in front of me.

    pro tip: the middle seat has the MOST space. The window seat 2nd, and the aisle seat has the LEAST amount of space. This technically is larger than the requirements but it did fit ( most airlines give dimensions that are much smaller than the actual space).

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  2. Avatar of Brittany


    This bag is perfect! My cat is strictly indoor but is always curious about going outside. We knew she would love to go on walks just to see what is out there. She’s a pretty big cat, so I wanted to make sure not only to find a bag with proper ventilation, but one where she would be comfortable. Enter this bag! She has plenty of room to be comfortable and there is also a good amount of ventilation in the bag when closed. The added buckles on the zipper entries gives me peace of mind — just in case she gets a bright idea to try to open the zipper, but also just in case it slips. It is also comfortable enough that it works for bike rides as well!

    The added tunnel on the back of the bag is also great! She loved when I sat the bag down and opened up the back tunnel to let her explore a little more. Almost reminded me of a tiny catio!

    The construction of the bag is top notch. There is a nice cushion inside with a strap should you want to keep the top zipper open and attach the strap to a harness which feels pretty sturdy, though I haven’t used it in that capacity. The plastic windows are nice and thick and the holes in them provides a good amount of air flow. The screened in top zipper enclosure feels very sturdy and works well as additional airflow. Finally, the back pop out area is not only sturdy, but easy to open and close because it functions like a pop up tent in a way. This would easily accommodate giving a cat food or water on a long walk or a small dog.

    Then there is the fact of whether the cat likes it or not? I left this sitting open and my cat just loves to jump in it and take a nap. She’s not afraid of it like a normal pet carrier. She seems to like it!

    In all, purchasing this bag was one of the better decisions I could have made. You wont be disappointed.

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  3. Avatar of Bagheera Kiya

    Bagheera Kiya

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Comme j’habite en centre ville je ne peux pas laisser sortir mes chats mais j’ai une petite bengale qui n’aime pas rester enfermer..Ce sac de transport est absolument super pour l’emmener avec moi en promenade.Le sac est grand elle n’est pas confinée et il y a meme un petit compartiment pour emmener une bouteille d’eau.On peu l’utiliser en sac à dos mais je préfère la position ventrale parce que la chatte peut me voir et ainsi elle est calme et détendue..Mes balades sont beaucoup plus agréables et la petite prend son bol d’air quotidien.

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  4. Avatar of Hoodieman


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Der Rucksack ist Gold wert – meine recht schwere Hündin (6 kg, aber trag die mal den ganzen Tag), die ich mit ihren Welpen bislang immer mit Rückenschmerzen im Körbchen mit mir rumgeschleppt habe (sie will nicht zu Hause bleiben), sitzt hier mit ihren 2 Welpen den ganzen Tag gut gesichert und belüftet drin und kann alles beobachten – wenn wir angekommen sind im Garten oder wo auch immer: ein Handgriff und sie hat außerdem noch viel mehr Platz zum Liegen – ohne, dass sie die Welpen zurücklassen muss oder ich noch einen extra Auslauf zB mit herumtragen muss.
    Der Rucksack trägt bis 20 kg – also das glaube ich sofort, alles ist mega stabil verarbeitet, dazu mit richtig guten Seitentaschen, perfekt gepolsterten Tragegurten – auch bei längerem Tragen kein Problem – und nichts knackt und reißt direkt, wenn man den Rucksack mal quer hochnimmt mit Gewicht, statt ganz vorsichtig. Hut ab – bis auf die Sicherung der Sichtschutzscheiben, die sich schlecht entfernen lässt, da eingenäht – alles perfekt. Und wen stören die Plastikreste um die Lüftungslöcher? Den Hund und mich nicht.
    Macht mir jeden Tag das Leben einfach, da ich nun ohne Schmerzen auch meiner Hündin mit ihren Welpen gerecht werden kann und beide sehr viel entspannter und zufriedener sind.
    Und auch die anderen Hunde fahren in diesem Korb sehr gerne mit!

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  5. Avatar of TK


    This is a great bag for taking your beloved pets out in the world with you. I chose this backpack carrier after doing a LOT of research for a few reasons.
    1. it has a solid bottom.
    2. it has a chest clip and waist strap, which makes carrying a sometimes squirmy cat a much easier task than it would be without that stabilization.
    3. the mesh windows are made of a rubberized mesh which can stand up to cat claws, unlike the fabric mesh that a lot of these backpacks have, which makes them really only suitable for carrying dogs.
    Nice bonuses include the roll-up window, reflective strip on the bag, ease of collapsing for storage, and pockets on both sides of the backpack. The window can be unzipped even when you’re wearing the backpack and your pet is inside, and (assuming your pet is small enough – I’ve only tried this with my small, but fully grown, 8 lb cat) they can stick their head out without falling out completely. Waterproof outer bottom.
    One (potential) downside: this bag is not really big enough for two fully grown cats (although I’m sure kittens could do just fine). But at this point I don’t think that’s something any reasonably sized backpack carrier can do.
    In summary, if you’re looking for a great backpack carrier for your adventure cat, look no further! This is undoubtedly one of the best backpack carriers on the market. It’s worth the cost, and will surely stand up to many years of use.

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  6. Avatar of Cliente Amazon

    Cliente Amazon

    Tengo una westy de 12 años ya (7,5 kg de peso) y nos viene mu bien para llevarla cuando vamos al monte y se cansa. Cabe bien sentada y la cabecila le llega bien para sacarla por la trampilla superior. Eso si, no hay espacio suficiente como para que se tumbe.
    La mochila esta muy bien en general,con una correa interior para asegurarla al arnés/collar y que no salte, también tiene un par de bolsillos y otro para meter las bolsitas. Suelo rígido que no se hunde y con funda lavable.

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  7. Avatar of Danielle


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I bought this to take my cat for walks/hikes with me. She LOVES it! I left it open and fully expanded on the floor so she would get comfortable with it before taking her outside in the backpack, and she likes to lounge in the expanded part mostly.

    The bag is well-made all around. I let my 4 month old kitten play with the bag as rough as she wants to (and she gives it all she has). I wanted to see if she could tear it because I’d rather her do it in the safety of our home than in the woods somewhere. It’s been about a month now, and I haven’t noticed any tears in the mesh or elsewhere.

    Very comfortable to pull over my shoulders and haul around. If you’re going for a long walk, I recommend using the belt around the waist to support your lower back. I must note that, although it doesn’t affect me, I think the waistband is a little short for those with a wide waist.

    Overall, it has been a VERY positive experience for me and kitty, and I’m so happy I bought it.

    UPDATE MAR 23, 2021:

    This has to be one of the best purchases I’ve made for my cat. She loves it. She still lounges in it when I leave it out – with or without the back extension popped out. Most importantly, I’ve haven’t had any issues with the zippers, clips, stitching, or anything – not even the mesh. Honestly, the fact that there are no tears in the mesh really surprises me because when I have it all folded up, I noticed that she claws at it. She’s not declawed, and although I trim her nails, I don’t do it as regular as I should.

    The only problem I’ve come across, which is why I’m here, is that she has DESTROYED the bottom insert. I take full responsibility for that on behalf of my rambunctious cat. She was often biting and clawing at it, and it has taken its toll. Now I’m looking for another… bottom insert, not cat. I’ve been using the carrier without the bottom insert, which surprisingly still works. She’s about 10-12 lbs/4.5 – 5.5 kgs, and the bottom of the carrier sags just a little, but not significantly. Don’t know how it would hold up if she were heavier though.

    I still highly recommend this carrier backpack.

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  8. Avatar of Chris


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Era da tempo che cercavo un trasportino per la mia miciona di oltre 4 kg che fosse pratica, con un buon spazio interno, e che non fosse ingombrante da riporre (basta aprire una zip e si ripiega su se stessa occupando poco spazio). Questa borsa, certificata per cuccioli fino a 20 kg di peso, è essenzialmente uno zaino che è possibile portare in spalla, ma all’occorrenza in maniera molto veloce si può aprire un vano in tela, come se fosse una prolunga, che aumenta in maniera considerevole lo spazio interno, così che magari durante un viaggio in auto, il nostro cucciolotto possa muoversi in maniera agevole al suo interno. Molto comode infine le tasche laterali dove riporre qualcosa di indispensabile (sacchetti, spazzole, crocchette etc). La consiglio sicuramente.

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