October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer that women in America are diagnosed with. As many as 1 out of every 8 American women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. However, men can also develop breast cancer, although this is much less common. 

As October is breast cancer awareness month, we would like to remind women and men of the importance of taking care of their health and wellness. It doesn’t take much: go for regular checkups at your doctor and immediately tell them if your breasts look or feel different.  

How Does Breast Cancer Start? 

Unfortunately, cancer may occur everywhere, but for the majority of women, it occurs in the breast region. When damaged cells don’t break down as they normally do during normal cell growth, they may cluster together and form a malignant tumor. In breast cancer, cells from the tumor may infiltrate lymph systems surrounding the breast tissue to cause ductal carcinoma or cancer of the breast’s milk ducts. 

What Causes Breast Cancer? 

At this point, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of breast cancer. However, a combination of factors such as poor lifestyle choices, gender, age, family history of cancer, and genetics have been found to raise a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Symptoms 

The warning signs of breast cancer do vary from person to person. It might even be possible to have no symptoms. But it is helpful to be aware of these potential breast cancer symptoms:

  • A lump in your breast or armpit that was not there before
  • Changes to the shape and/or size of your breast 
  • Painful breast or nipple 
  • Dimpled breast tissue
  • Inverted nipple
  • Discharge from the nipple that isn’t breast milk

If you notice any of these changes to your breasts, or if you have any concerns about your breasts, speak to your doctor as soon as you can. 

You Can Prevent Breast Cancer 

If discovered early enough, breast cancer can be treated successfully. A mammogram is one of the best methods used for diagnosis. You should book routine checkups with your physician and perform regular self-examinations to look for any changes to your breast’s shape and to feel for lumps in the breast tissue. 

Living a healthier lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. This includes eating healthy meals, exercising regularly and keeping a healthy weight. In addition, reducing your alcohol intake and not smoking can significantly lower your risk for cancer and many other illnesses.

A healthy smoothie bowl with fruit.

Does Life Insurance Cover Cancer?

The good news is that most term or whole life insurance plans cover natural causes of death, including cancer. But don’t wait for a diagnosis. The bad news is that breast cancer stages affect life insurance eligibility. If you do not have life insurance in place prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer, the sad reality is that the majority of insurance providers will consider you uninsurable for several years after having cancer. 

That is why it is critical to take out life insurance sooner rather than later, while you are in good health. If you would like to get in touch with an expert insurance provider that is committed to finding you the best life insurance policy.
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