Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowls – Raised Pet Dish – Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls for Small to Large Dogs and Cats

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Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowls - Raised Pet Dish - Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls for Small to Large Dogs and Cats
  • MESS PROOF — Spilled food is separated and contained at the top, while spilled water drains into the catch basin below to keep your feeding area neat and clean.
  • MADE FOR CATS — Designed for all cats and kittens with a 2.75″ feeding height (at bowl rim). Includes (2) 1 Cup sized bowls. DISCLAIMER: Neater Feeder Express is NOT compatible with any Leg Extensions.
  • SAVE TIME CLEANING — Spills and messes are completely contained within the feeder, saving you time cleaning floors and walls.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE — All parts of the feeder including cat bowls as well as top and bottom basins are 100% dishwasher safe.The Neater Feeder is Made in the USA. The stainless steel bowls are made in India.
  • RUBBER FEET — Comes equipped with non-skid rubber feet on the bottom of each leg to prevent sliding.

Specification: Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowls – Raised Pet Dish – Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls for Small to Large Dogs and Cats

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

12.9 x 8.75 x 4.75 inches, 1.26 Pounds

Date First Available

May 3, 2018


Neater Feeder

13 reviews for Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowls – Raised Pet Dish – Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls for Small to Large Dogs and Cats

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Momof4


    Bought this for our 3 month, 5lb. puppy. He’s now 8 months and 18lbs and still serves him well. The legs have rubber backing so it stays in place and doesn’t scoot around when your dog eats. The lower portion catches all the drippings and makes for easy clean up, so no mats under the bowl is needed. The whole thing is so easy to clean and still looks brand new almost half year later. Love this product!

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  2. Avatar of L. Watson

    L. Watson

    I use this just for water, I have a German Shepherd who normally leaves the floor soaking, this is the answer, it collects the water splashed over the sides and protects the wall behind, great purchase.

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  3. Avatar of Stingrayfins


    For the most part this thing works by catching food and water from spilling out from the bowls. There are a few annoyances with this feeder, however:

    – The top light part and the bottom dark part are two separate pieces with no clips or latches. it simply sit’s on top loosely and my 8 week old puppy has pushed it out from the bottom part a few times.

    – There are no easy way to pick this tray up. If you grab the top part you’ll simply lift it away from the bottom part. You’ll have to use to hands or hold at an awkward angle to pick up both trays.

    – The rubber feets are loose and not securely attached to the tray. One fell out at some point and now the tray wobbles when the puppy tries to eat.

    – The last thing is the bowls are very light or it has no method to secure the bowls from moving around when the dog tries to eat or simply being lifted completely out of the hole.

    These things hard to see from the listing and only discovered after using for a week. It still works fine besides those annoyances. Some pros are my puppy likes to bite the walls like a chew toy.

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  4. Avatar of Mmmmkay


    I really hate myself for not buying it earlier. I have a 80+ lb dog who manages to get more water onto my kitchen floor than in his mouth. Walking anywhere near his water bowl meant stepping on cold water droplets. Cleaning up after him every single time he drank water was just frustrating. I had enough so I was looking for products to keep my kitchen dry. But they were just too big. They would have taken up a considerable amount of room in my cozy kitchen. So I decided to just buy this one. When the neater feeder arrived it came in a small package and I was actually worried that it was too small. But it works great. I can not endorse this product enough and I can’t believe I have gone so long with out it.

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  5. Avatar of James King

    James King

    I have puppy chihuahua’s x2 very small 2.5lbs each dog, they easily tip this feeder Over, also take the bowls out easily, resulting in food all over my floor, so for me it is not tip proof or any of the above stated, waste of money, could have got a lot more study, actually tip proof set for the same price, if you have issue with your dog tipping his bowls over this feeder will not stop that from happening. Save your money buy one that does what it says

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  6. Avatar of Angela Shirley

    Angela Shirley

    This was brought for our German shepherd puppy (at around 6 months old). The idea of a neater / cleaner eating station sounds great, however very disappointed.
    The bowls can easily be picked up by a dog (which ours done frequently) & the plastic base is not as heavy / sturdy as it appeared. My dog was able to easily pick up the base & chew it.
    Unfortunately for us this was not a good purchase & was a waste of money.

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  7. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    This is okay but thin cheap plastic and therefore I consider it expensive for the quality. As it is lightweight plastic it moves around easily, I was hoping for something a bit more sturdy. The medium / large also seems very big to me for medium sized dogs but I ordered this size as other reviews said they came up small; I must have a different perception!

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  8. Avatar of Kelli Palen

    Kelli Palen

    My two cats always had a habit of playing with their water bowls and spilling water everywhere. I hated cleaning it up constantly. I was looking for a solution when I came across the Neater Feeder and thought it was a great idea. It is small but it’s the perfect size for both my cats. And the dishes don’t seem that small compared to what other reviews have said (all depends on how much you feed your cat/dog at a time but they hold at least a couple cups of food). Not only did this product look super nice when I set it up it actually worked!! All of the water got trapped on the bottom and the food was trapped on the top as well. Made clean up so much easier. I am so happy with this product and highly recommend.

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  9. Avatar of Shane


    Got it so my cat wouldn’t knock her food everywhere. It has reduced the problem, but hasn’t eliminated it.

    The top easily slides off, but fortunately, my cat is unable to flip it completely upside-down. It is normally just knocked askew every time she eats. The feet also make it way too easy for this thing to scoot around on a ceramic floor. The bowls are also pretty tiny–which is fine for the food–but it barely holds any water, so I worry about my poor dehydrated cat when I’m at work during hot summer days.

    It’s alright. Definitely not perfect, but the $20 didn’t set me back too much.

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  10. Avatar of InnocentBystander


    Super cute. At first when it arrived I was taking it out of the box and it was like reversed, I guess to fit nicer in the packaging? It looked like it was missing the whole upper part. I was like wtf is this. But then I just played around with it and it came apart into the two pieces and I just flipped it over and all it came together perfectly. It is really cute and my miniature dachshund ate food and drank water from it instantly. I got the beige bc it kind of matches the pitch decor a bit better. It is a nice small size not too bulky or obtrusive. Definitely like it. One tiny critique is that you have to be careful taking the bowls out bc you might grab the lip of the under carriage nd lift the whole thing. I’ve done it twice already. Just have to get to used to it I guess. Otherwise, its cute!

    It’s been nearly two years since I got this bowl and my dog still uses it. It looks exactly like it did the day I got it. It is easy to clean, and catches wayward dog food and water. My dog had many teeth extracted a year ago and water drips and splashed out of one side of mouth way more now. This bowl is the only bowl he could use at this point. My floors don’t have to cringe every time he comes over for a drink anymore lol. It is a perfect height for him and perfect bowl size. I love this thing.

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  11. Avatar of April


    I have a 200lb Neo Mastiff with lots of rolls and a whole lot of mess comes with that. I bought 1 for water and 1 for his food. After trying everything from deer feeders to the dog water fountains…this is the only thing that has controlled the mess. Food gets stuck in his flubber and would go everywhere and now I no longer have food in his water and the mess is a simple 30 sec clean up. Love love love

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  12. Avatar of Mlclaw


    This is not a bad product, way overpriced but I guess you have to account for the fact its coming from the US, we have a 6 month old GSD who covers the kitchen floor when hes thirsty, this does help but in no way eliminates the mess, if you have a dog that drinks its water and hovers for a few seconds over the bowl this would be perfect, if like me you have a dog who drinks like hes been starved of water for a week and then instantly turns and walks off then you are still going to get water all over the floor, it is better than a normal bowl but its pretty expensive for something that only really helps a bit. In fairness it hasnt been flipped yet though and we’ve had it a while, nothing worse than the dog playing tiddly winks with his water bowl

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  13. Avatar of Beth


    My cat managed to separate the top from the bottom in about 10 minutes spilling water everywhere. The whole reason I bought this was because she dumps her water dish. This is too light weight and needs a locking latch on the sides to hold the pieces together.

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