Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy

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Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy
  • Keep your playful cat captivated for hours with a combo of Paw some toys
  • Includes 6 balls, 3 pom-poms, 2 catnip mice, 1 catnip fish and 1 wand
  • Lightweight toys are purrfect for your cat to carry, toss and bat
  • Exercise your cat’s natural instincts to explore and thrive in the world around them with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs

Specification: Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

1.5 x 4.75 x 9 inches, 2.08 Ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

June 7, 2013



12 reviews for Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Cait


    Funny story with this toy. This was purchased as a Christmas gift for our cat.
    I didn’t know it had catnip in it. So as I’m wrapping all the pets gifts (don’t judge) my cat is stalking. He sneaks it out of the box and tries to hide with it. Yes, i was fearful of Christmas morning after realizing is had the good stuff and my cat is apparently an addict. I heard the crash early Christmas morning. I knew what he was up to. Luckily he was unable to wreak havoc and patiently waited for his gifts to be opened. He was certainly the happiest guy in the family Christmas morning and completely worn out after a couple of short hours
    It’s held up great with daily play. Both solo and human play.
    Great quality for the price and easy to find with all the bright colors

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  2. Avatar of Victoria Link

    Victoria Link

    My cat loves these, the only toy she likes.
    I can’t find them in stores so these are wonderful.
    She places them in her food dish daily. The ones in her wet food don’t fare as well.

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  3. Avatar of Salvador Hansolo

    Salvador Hansolo

    Mi gato solo se emocionó con la primer dosis, y después, no le interesó en lo absoluto. He investigado un poco, y al parecer no es verdadero Catnip o yerba gatera, parece más bien, valeriana, que tiene un efecto similar. Incluso su aspecto es muy diferente del Catnip seco que se puede ver en videos, es más, ni siquiera es como en la foto de la publicación. No lo recomiendo. Mejor busquen otro producto de mejor calidad y original, por que este, no lo es.

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  4. Avatar of Kristin


    These were one of the first toys I picked up for my cat when I brought her home from the shelter ten and a half years ago. She used to go crazy for them and would destroy the mouse in a day or two tops. A huge favorite for her, and I had to give her a mouse one at a time to avoid them all being destroyed at once. Now that she is in her senior years she is not so hard on her toys. I purchased these for her for Christmas this year, and I gave her the whole pack at once. She still likes them and throws and chases them all over (this is very entertaining for me), but she no longer destroys them. They must have some catnip in them because she has a pretty big reaction to them! I highly recommend these, especially for younger cats, but even older cats will enjoy!

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  5. Avatar of E-Reseña


    Mi gato no es muy juguetón por qué ya está grande y aún así, en cuanto le aventé el primer ratón y lo olió, lo empezó a mordisquear y a jugar con el.
    Se supone que están rellenos de cat nip, así que debe ser por eso, funcionan muy bien.
    Son muy pequeños pero justo a la medida para jugar.
    Los compré como en 100 y creo que es un buen precio

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  6. Avatar of The Reverend A.J. Miller

    The Reverend A.J. Miller

    Our youngest cat was all over me as soon as i opened the bag…she probably smelled the catnip!

    There are a total of 10 toys (not including the 2-part wand) in the bag:

    2 balls that light up with red and blue flashing LEDs; they are triggered by shock/impact and light up for about 10 seconds at a time–actually a smaller ball inside the outer ball, which means replacing a battery would be way more work than it is worth. Our youngest cat chased it a few times and lost interest, and our oldest cat was not at all interested, and a little startled by it.

    1 rattling bell ball. Nothing special. Neither of my cats were interested, but they never have been interested in this type of toy.

    1 ball/plush combo toy. a plastic ball with a bell inside, tethered by a short cord (~3″) to a plush mouse with a feather tail. both the cats were more interested in the feather tailed mouse, so we cut the cord.

    1 rattle/ feather teaser. The plastic cylinder has a plastic (?) doodad inside that makes it rattle….the cats love the big colored feathers, especially when used as a teaser. We tied it to a toy wand we had, and the cats love to chase it.

    1 rope spool. makes no noise. guess it is a texture toy? neither of our cats would touch this toy.

    2 feather rattle balls. a pretty big hit, primarily for the feathers. our youngest cat especially likes these, and will bite the feather and kick the ball with her back legs.

    2 catnip-infused plush fish. the biggest hit of the assortment…our youngest is a bit of a catnip junky, so she went pretty wild for these. there is a velcro tab (all soft loops) on the end of the short elastic cord, which attaches to the velco tab on the end of the wand’s elastic cord in a surprisingly sturdy connection.

    All in all, a nice assortment for a decent price that will give you a few options…especially helpful if you want to try a pretty wide variety of toys to help you figure out how your cat likes to play.

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  7. Avatar of Jen


    Foster cat loved these so much she busted into the box in the middle night. They were a big hit. She slowly murdered them all.

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  8. Avatar of Lori


    At first I was thrilled as my cats both seemed to love it. Unfortunately, my happiness was short lived as I discovered that although it does not say so on the packaging anywhere, the mouse does include catnip. I avoid giving my cats catnip and generally take the time to check packaging very carefully to ensure a toy doesn’t contain it, so when I went to snip off the ribbon tag attached to the mouse I was disappointed to find (in very small print) that the contents are listed as polyester / catnip.

    I came back and reread the amazon listing to see if I had missed something because I had checked the packaging thoroughly before purchasing and it does actually mention the catnip if you scroll further down the page, but that’s the only place in the listing it appears and I would have preferred it be somewhere more visible and it certainly should be on the package itself. Since this is mostly my fault, and otherwise the toy is actually great I’m giving two stars. If you don’t mind about the catnip it’s definitely 4 or 5. Loved the concept and my cats loved the little noises it made, just bummed about the catnip.

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  9. Avatar of María Teresa Reyes Mosqueda

    María Teresa Reyes Mosqueda

    Mi niño gatuno muy feliz con sus juguetes. Se divierte al máximo con las dos pelotitas peludas que vienen en el paq.

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  10. Avatar of deegeebee


    Great, sturdy quality, kitten enjoys it. It would be nice if you could anchor it down somehow, either with non-slip pads or a tie down. My kitten just grabs the dangly toy in his mouth and drags the whole thing around the living room. Easy to set up, though I accidentally punched myself in the face with it (it comes compacted and springs open when you undo it, lol!)

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  11. Avatar of Shannon


    What can I say…my cat went crazy for these things! Biting them, throwing them into the air and batting them everywhere including under every door. Problem is they are TINY! The first one I gave unsupervised and found the tail gone after about 5 minutes of play. Guess he chewed right through it. Later I found him chewing the mouse, almost as trying to chew it in half. So I took it away and “hid” it on the kitchen counter. Later I heard him playing again…he had climbed on the counter (this is a cat that NEVER gets on the counter) and got the mouse. I found the mouse soaked, like got caught in his mouth with slobber soaked. So in the trash it went. Now I give them to him but only when I can watch him play. Too bad because they entertain him for an hour. Seriously, can’t these be made twice their size for safety reasons??

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  12. Avatar of K


    I had to write a review right away because my two 4 month old kittens love these so much! As soon as I took the package out of the shipping envelope, the more playful one started playing with it, cardboard, 12 mice and all. They were supposed to be for Christmas but I figured taking out 1 of each color would be a good plan.

    My kittens usually play with a toy for about 5 seconds after I stop moving it around but it’s been at least 10 minutes and they’re both still playing!

    I threw 2 near him and 2 near her. He immediately attacked one, pounced it from room to room and chose another. She chose him and the one he had but eventually chose her own. He carried one around in his mouth while playing with another.

    I know these will be lost behind furniture in less than 24 hours, so it’s good there are 12 in the package. We’ll ration the mice to 2 at a time from now on to put off tracking them down a little longer.

    They seem to be pretty good quality and the kittens aren’t destructive with their toys so they should last a while unless they end up behind the fridge!

    The boy hasn’t stopped moving enough for a picture, but the girl is about 3lbs for size reference

    I just ordered more because the mice are all scattered and hidden. The kittens fight over the 3 they can still find and still like to carry them in their mouths while they play with other toys

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