Flood InsurTech Neptune Partnered Up With SIAA

“Neptune Flood makes it fast and easy for agents to obtain flood insurance for their customers while also providing superior coverage to the traditional NFIP,” said Trevor Burgess, President and CEO of Neptune. “As the largest nationwide alternative to the NFIP, Neptune is uniquely positioned to meet the scale and needs of SIAA member agencies and their customers.  We are honored to partner with SIAA.” 

SIAA COO Jeff Holmes said, “Our partnership with Neptune fulfills a growing demand for private flood insurance options, and alternatives to the coverage available through the National Flood Insurance Programme. By adding Neptune Flood to our platform, member agencies will be able to offer their clients an outstanding flood coverage option, in an efficient, data-driven manner, often at considerable savings.” 

Neptune Flood is available to SIAA member agencies through SIAA MarketFinder, the organization’s online hub for specialized and hard-to-place risks. 

Successful partnerships as such might help insurance companies embrace cutting-edge technology faster, cut operational costs, expand their distribution network, and boost customer retention. The future market position of insurance companies will be significantly influenced by the success of these partnerships. 

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