Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces

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Fashion's Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces
  • Contains Assorted 20 toys.
  • Keep your cat busy when you are away.
  • Give your cat a way to release his energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys. Featuring feathers, balls and catnip, mice and more this pack is the perfect choice for your furry friend.
  • Contains small ball,Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.This toys is strong but not indestructible.Do not allow pets to play with broken or damaged toys!For play only. Not a child”s toy. Toy should be removed and replaced if excessive wear or damage occurs.
  • Holiday, birthday or everyday, this cat treats/toys gift set is just what your kitty ordered.

Specification: Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces

Package Dimensions

11 x 7 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight

4.2 ounces


Fashion's Talk

Item model number

Fashion's Talk-022

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 12, 2016

11 reviews for Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Amber from Ohio

    Amber from Ohio

    So glad I bought this! Not only was it a great deal, but there are 3 toys my cat goes CRAZY for. One of them she chases down the hall and back and puts in her water dish when she’s done (which I read has something to do with her wanting to “secure” her hunted item). I even threw that same mouse into her toy box with a ton of different toys and she fished that one out of them all, carried it to me, dropped it at my feet, and meowed. (It’s the toy in the attached picture) So yeah, this purchase was a winner!

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  2. Avatar of Mary C.

    Mary C.

    Update mid-April upon buying my third bag: if Amazon had a “verified third purchase” designation, that would be me. I’ve just purchased my third bag, and now, awaiting my third shipment, at the moment I have approximately 10 toys in action, plus 34 under the beds, sofas, and chairs somewhere in my very small condo. Tomorrow in daylight I’ll grab a broomstick and go fishing for toys. Many will re-surface, but some, despite my best searching efforts, will not, which is why I’ve ordered my third bag. These toys are just perfect for my new 18-month-old shelter kitty. Most are soft balls. All are easy to throw. Some bounce, which is fantastic. Her favorite is a soft ball with feathers: this one she will fetch and bring back to me to throw again. The feathers didn’t last long, but she still loves the ball and furtively carries it off somewhere–undoubtedly under the bed. The soccer balls are bouncy bouncy and we both love that. Some are hard, have bells inside, and throw and roll really well. She’s not been crazy about the white “catnip” clothbound fish. I don’t know whether she isn’t into catnip (one of my previous cats was not) or whether it doesn’t contain enough catnip to make it interesting. I did remove the string etc. because of concern for choking hazards. I did throw away two of the toys in each bag immediately because I wasn’t sure about their safety: one was a ball made out of a soft foil, the second was a ball with little thin “attenae” sticking out–again, looked like foil– and I was concerned about a choking hazard, plus we all know that tinsel can kill a cat. I felt that these could be dangerous if ingested, so I tossed them. I also recommend discarding the plastic “carousel”: this fell apart thanks to a bad throw on my part, and I wouldn’t want kitty to ingest the bell inside. I’m sure they’ve tested these toys, but why take a chance? Still, these remaining 17 toys for the price are a great value. I’m really happy with my purchases, and so is my kitty! I live in a small condo, and she will remain an indoor cat, so the exercise she’s getting from chasing these balls is just great, especially for a recently-adopted shelter kitty. The soft toys do get grubby after being tossed around all over, but I’ve hand-washed so many of them with a little dish soap and have found that they’re so easy to clean. I keep the toys in a couple of places so that I can throw them. However, if I’m not doing my job, kitty will sneak up to the two toy bowls to to “steal” her favorite soft toys, then run off with great excitement to hide them. I’m hoping that 3 bags may finally be enough and that I will have to dive under the beds with the broomstick perhaps only once or twice a month . I really do love these toys.

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  3. Avatar of AlexInWonderland


    This set of toys is all high quality stuff, withstanding my cat’s “vicious” teethies and attacks giving me no concerns about small parts breaking off and safety. There is a great variety meaning my cat is kept entertained for a long time and will not get bored with them, and I like the fish toy on a string meaning that you can play with your cat using this set.

    My cat approves and it keeps her entertained, therefore I approve and I feel this set is a great deal for any cat owner.

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  4. Avatar of Paul


    Good value for money compared to shop prices. Some of the toys are really good however I felt that there were a few of poor quality ones to bulk the bag. A few of the mice in mine lost their feathers very easily which I think is slightly dangerous for the cat if it tries to eat them. Also, the eyes just fell off when I threw it for the cat to catch.

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  5. Avatar of Mom


    Grace is 13 weeks old. She loves her new toys and she loved using Amazon Prime! She was a little confused as to what to play with first so we put some away for later. Grace liked all the toys, even the little bag which I did not think she would like. All the toys are small enough for her to toss and carry around. Five of the toys have jingle bells inside the ball/toy or attached to the end of the feathery toy, so don’t buy if your cat does not like jingle bells.

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  6. Avatar of Juliet Clearwater

    Juliet Clearwater

    Recent review:
    At first I was just upset that the toys in the picture weren’t all included in the package. What is inexcusable to me is that one of them broke in under a minute and could have killed my cat had I not been there. The cat nip pillow (which by the way, has NO catnip in it) has a small bell attached to it and broke under the slightest pressure into very small SHARP pieces. I had to pry it from his bleeding gums! I can’t imagine the damage that could have been inflicted to his esophagus had he swallowed it. I’ve since thrown the rest of the toys out. Before I was just disappointed by now I’m upset.

    Older review:
    There were a few different bundles of small cat toys on amazon but I selected this one because of the toys shown in the picture. What I recieved was a different assortment of much cheaper/bad quality toys. Its still 20 toys, but I wish the picture wouldn’t have been so misleading. I was especially looking forward to the stuffed fish toy and the ball with a mouse attached to it so that it rights itself when batted; neither of these was included in my bag. I can’t help but feel a little cheated.

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  7. Avatar of HippyChic


    Good variation of toys – not too badly priced.
    My 8 week old kitten loves them.

    However I have removed two as I don’t think they are safely produced and believe they would becoming a choking hazard so please be aware.
    I would recommend to seller to remove them. Photos attached

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  8. Avatar of Paulina


    I really don’t know what my cat does with some of his toys, we have a one bedroom apartment and not very many places to hide stuff, but his toys just end up disappearing all the time. I thought I’d buy this big bag of toys so I can ration them, and when they go missing, pull another one out of the bag. I got the bouncy wand toy thing (with the feathers at the end) and that one is his absolute favorite of all time. He drags it around from the bedroom to the living room and begs us to play with him, it’s actually extremely well made, I was very surprised. I got a big variety, especially of bouncy balls, which I love the fact that they’re big enough that they don’t fit under the couch so they can’t get lost! The funniest one I got was a “soccer” printed ball and I play tiny little “soccer” with him. I didn’t get this at a discount or anything, I just really liked the variety and once all the toys are gone in a year I will buy another bag.

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  9. Avatar of AJ54


    Fantastic selection of toys. The feathery toy on the end of the pink wire fishing rod was a surprise treat and is a huge hit, and the feathery thing stood up incredibly well to being repeatedly caught and mauled by my two young (relentless) cats. The ring on the end of the rod allows you to attach a replacement one. The rest of the toys offer great variety, seeming to appeal at different times. All in all, I can recommend this set, and will be back for more when these have all been nuked by my two rascals.

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  10. Avatar of RandomRider


    Im in the process of moving into a new appartment and i thought what better way to make my cat feel better than to have some toys that i can play with him with. I honestly wasnt expecting to enjoy this as much as i do but i am going to reccomend this to everyone i know! The toys are very cute and i had no repeats. I honestly havnt even seen toys like these in walmart or petco for this kind of price. And the feather teaser is AWESOME!! This honestly made me say “oh yeah, this was worth it!” Instead of it having string, its made of a flexible metal wire, this way ur cats claws dont get caught. My cat is a former outside cat and was always catching birds so he loves the feathers! If these break or when he eventually hides them all (or when my ferrets take them!) I will be ordering from here again!!

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  11. Avatar of F.long


    My two house cats needed some new toys, but local pet places don’t have alot of variety and prices are steep, after browsing for ages I finally came across this.
    The parcel arrived promptly and with no damages. And the toys are a decent quality. My queen adores the red ball and will carry it around with her, play with it, chase it and sleep on it!
    Overall I am very happy with the standard of them and would recommend them to anyone.

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