ENBOVE Pet Urns,Ash Urns for Dogs,Photo Frame Funeral Cremation Urns,Burly Wood Keepsake Memorial Urns,Small Animal Urn

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ENBOVE Pet Urns,Ash Urns for Dogs,Photo Frame Funeral Cremation Urns,Burly Wood Keepsake Memorial Urns,Small Animal Urn
  • MEMORABLE:Express your love for your pet with a beautiful pet urn, give your loved one the quality they deserve – a high quality urn to hold their ashes, a quality urn for you and a peaceful place for your pet ashes.
  • DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY:Overall size 6.3inch X 4.3inch X 4.3 inch. Volume 117 cubic inches. Photo Size 2.1inch X 3.3inch. Funeral urn holds a portion of ashes of big pets or the ashes who weighting less than 30 lbs.
  • UNIQUE: Personalize your pet urn with these beautiful photo and unique carved paw prints. Access the bottom of the urn by simply unscrewing the 1 Phillips head screws to remove the base.
  • PEACEFUL PLACE:Beautiful and elegant urn makes a perfect final comforting resting place for our beloved and loved ones. The gorgeous and fancy urn will be eye catching from any distance in a vault or columbarium.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE:Quality problems occur within 90 days’ replacement, lifetime warranty, if you’re not completely satisfied, then CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. It is our intention to offer the BEST customer service on Amazon.

Specification: ENBOVE Pet Urns,Ash Urns for Dogs,Photo Frame Funeral Cremation Urns,Burly Wood Keepsake Memorial Urns,Small Animal Urn

Package Dimensions

6.57 x 4.8 x 4.57 inches, 1.19 Pounds

Date First Available

March 22, 2020



10 reviews for ENBOVE Pet Urns,Ash Urns for Dogs,Photo Frame Funeral Cremation Urns,Burly Wood Keepsake Memorial Urns,Small Animal Urn

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  1. Avatar of gabrielle


    Very very cheap. Paid $56 for it to be glued together. There are holes in the corner so it’s not water proof. The wood is unfinished so I’d need a sealant and the hole for the screw is stripped so I had to use a knife and screwdriver to pry it open to get my dogs ashes out . I could go to the dollar store and make this for $5. Terrible

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  2. Avatar of RSA


    We’ve never kept a pet’s remains until now. Our late goldendoodle was one in a million. We are still stunned by how much we miss her and we wanted to remember her this way. Although we have a huge hole in our hearts, having this keepsake nearby is comforting.

    This is a very nice option for a small to medium size dog’s cremated remains. It looks very nice on a mantel, better than a metal urn or something similar in our opinion.

    The bamboo material is very nice and the imprint looks good too.

    The wording syntax is a little off, “You’re gone from our lives, but never from our heart”. It should either be “life” or “hearts”. But that’s okay. The sentiment is what counts.

    It would be a little better if it had some sort of sleeve, glass or plastic cover to hold the photo in place.

    Cutting a photo to fit is a bit tricky since it’s not a common size so have a few copies ready and measure multiple times to be sure. We used two-sided tape to hold our photo in place.


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  3. Avatar of Justin


    This is the cheapest piece of crap ever made. 1st off, airtight and water proof… 🤣 I don’t think so. Seams are opened up ever where, this product was obviously thrown together as fast as possible. No craftsmanship or pride in their work. The box isn’t even square… the paws on top are stickers. No cover to hold photo in or protect it. UNFINISHED!!!. Says it is made of bamboo…. smells like pine. Inside the box there is excess glue everywhere and to top off it was mailed in a plastic bag. SMH Processed for a refund as soon as I laid eyes on this 💩. Looks like it was made in China 🤣

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  4. Avatar of bakerlady


    When I received the urn I was kind of baffled. I thought or maybe hoped that where the picture of your beloved pet would go had a proper plastic piece or glass piece that would go over to hold the picture in place. I don’t think it was very thought out. My husband is very handy in that area so he said he would fix it up so our pet would have a nice urn. Our pet was our true friend and he loved us unconditionally for 14 years, and now were going to make sure he has a final resting place. I should of looked closer or picked something different.

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  5. Avatar of MC Mason

    MC Mason

    This box is beautifully done. It will be a special place for me to keep my very loved Charlie’s ashes. Charlie was 7.5lbs when he passed. He was also cremated with a blanket he had so I’d say 8.5-9lbs total and his ashes fit perfectly in the velvet bag and box he was returned to me in. I did have to untie the bag and just fold it over so I wouldn’t imagine this would fit much more than what I’ve described.
    My only complaint is I wish there was a protective sheet/glass/plexi to protect the picture. However I will dab a little glue in there and I will cover it the picture with a clear protective sheet to keep dust off it.

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  6. Avatar of Michael E. Crew

    Michael E. Crew

    First off, the wood is unfinished, so will need stain or sealant. It is NOT waterproof, with spaces between joints, so would not recommend outdoor use. It is economy grade, and will do the job it was intended. If you are looking for a finished high quality product, this isn’t it. Description states it is hand painted, there is no painting to be seen. The paw prints are metallic decals.

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  7. Avatar of Caitlin


    This was perfect. It is a simple box that fit our dog’s ashes and her collar. We also bought a second one for her brother that passed away a couple of years ago and moved his ashes to this box to match. They sit nicely on our mantle. Thank you for making a great product that wasn’t too costly.

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  8. Avatar of Adam Lohnes

    Adam Lohnes

    Terrible! Do not purchase this item!!
    It came with 2 sides separated and glue inside, the paw prints are cheap and the picture area doesn’t come with a cover or adhesive. The craftsmanship is terrible, and it’s a cheaply made box that looks like a child put it together.
    Seriously don’t buy this!!!

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  9. Avatar of Steve Collins

    Steve Collins

    ╔ ■ Price Point / Value: 4.5/5
    ╠ ■ Quality: 4.5/5
    ╠ ■ Recommendation: 4.5/5
    ╠ ☼ Overall: 4.5/5
    ╠ ►Product Need: Dog urn box
    ╠ ►Product Pros: Picture holder, guarantee
    ╠ ►Considerations: Opening on bottom
    ╠ ►My Review: I am getting ready for my pet to pass and to make the transition as seamless as possible. This urn box is made of all wood with a place to remember your pet with a picture on the front. It’s engraved with a very nice saying and has 2 paw print decals. The opening of this on the bottom which is confusing to me which Is also shut by a included small screw. Its not small or big at 6 x 4” and would look good with pretty much any décor. It comes with a nice guarantee that you will like the urns quality. Overall a good picture frame dog urn box that I would recommend.

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  10. Avatar of A. Cahill

    A. Cahill

    I bought this product after my dog passed away. He was a 20 pound dog and his ashes barely fit into the box. The cut out for a picture is nice, but there’s no plastic over it so you have to use a piece of tape to get it to stay.

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