Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Agent

Successful agents can influence prospects to buy their services and continue using them. This requires adeptness at interpersonal communication and relationship building. Clients need to like you and want to be around you long enough for you share your offer.  

Despite the technological innovations, the business, at its core, remains a people business. Relationships matter. And clear, proactive communication, trust and loyalty are vital for success. Your behavior and emotional state when you meet clients will greatly affect how they feel about you.  

A high level of EI plays a key role during a loss. Filing a claim can be a stressful and emotional time for a company. While the company is trying to get back on its feet, empathy is critical to reassure and comfort clients.  

Having the ability to read and react to emotions also benefits anyone present. For example, if you’re excited, confident, calm, comfortable or curious, you will draw people towards you. If you’re asking good questions and taking people in, you’ll learn more about how to negotiate and how to collaborate.  

Conversely, if you’re anxious, scared, stressed or desperate, people will likely turn tail and run. The results will be similar to a bull in a China shop. Things will break!  

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