Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness Set, Escape Proof Safe Breathable Cat Vest Harness for Walking , Easy Control Soft Adjustable Reflective Strips Mesh…

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Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness Set, Escape Proof Safe Breathable Cat Vest Harness for Walking , Easy Control Soft Adjustable Reflective Strips Mesh...
  • Size Reference – Neck Girth: 8.5 -11 Inches; Chest Girth: 13.5 – 16 Inches. Please measure your cat and refer to the size chart first before ordering. Your cat’s head circumference should be at least 10 inches otherwise your kitten may slip out. If your cat is between sizes, please choose the smaller size. Package includes: 1x Cat Harness and 1x 59 inches Nylon Walking Leash
  • Super Soft & Breathable Material – Made of lightweight, soft, breathable air-mesh fabric, with soft edge and sponge cushion which can prevent injuries and provide good protection and perfect comfort. This cat harness can be used in all seasons, regardless of the hot or cold weather. The non-stick hair lining and breathability allow you not to worry about cat skin problems
  • Bright Reflective Strip & Sturdy D-rings – Reflective strip makes cat visible in low light conditions and improves safety when walking at night. This outdoor kitten harness features a sturdy D-ring on the back to attach to leash. It can evenly distribute the pulling pressure of leash across the chest and shoulders, which is less pulling pressure on your pet’s fragile neck. Lightweight and no pressure allowing them to play more freely and lively
  • Fully Adjustable & Easy to Wear – This cat seat belt has 4 adjustable buckles and 2 quick-release buckle. Both neck and chest strap are completely adjustable. It is easy to wear and take off. The adjustable design is very suitable for growing cats. (Tips: The harness should be snug enough for you to fit one finger between the straps and any part of your cat’s body)
  • Escape-proof Cat Harness – Our harness can wrap cats comfortably in 360 degrees. Coupled with a thick and firm leash, not easy to break, multiple protection, make the cat unable escape. Suitable for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. With Dooradar escape-proof cat harness, it is easy to take the kitten to a strange place to travel, and no longer have to worry about the cat getting lost

Specification: Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness Set, Escape Proof Safe Breathable Cat Vest Harness for Walking , Easy Control Soft Adjustable Reflective Strips Mesh…

Product Dimensions

1.2 x 5.7 x 9.8 inches

Item Weight

4.2 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

September 21, 2020

13 reviews for Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness Set, Escape Proof Safe Breathable Cat Vest Harness for Walking , Easy Control Soft Adjustable Reflective Strips Mesh…

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  1. Avatar of Robin L.S.

    Robin L.S.

    Unfortunately we didn’t like this one. We have 6 other harnesses for cats, kittens and rabbits and this one has some pros but more cons than most.

    First, it must be put on over the head, there’s no snap or closure to allow for easier on-and-off. This means that you must force it on or off the pet’s head, and if you’ve not done the required training or your pet has any issues, this will become an uncomfortable fight. If you make it loose enough to go over the head easily, you must then adjust two shoulder straps to make it secure, or the whole thing is pointless. This adds time to the process of putting on and taking off – every time – unless you’re smashing it over the ears and head and uncomfortably pulling it off over them too. But if you take the time to adjust both straps before and after every on or off procedure, you might think that this translated into a more secure and safe harness, but it doesn’t. The neck design is not any more secure than other harnesses which have easier step-in or shoulder snap entry. In fact, the neck has very little adjustability so it makes for a less secure fit.

    Which leads me to con #2: the neck straps adjust in size much less than the stomach straps. So you’ll run out of adjustment in the neck and have several inches of straps just flopping around on the sides of the stomach. Most pets aren’t built like that, with a tiny head/neck and huge ribcage (I hope!). In fact this harness would only sort of fit one of the 4 kittens, and zero of 2 rabbits, after adjustments.

    Con #3: it’s really bulky and heavy for kittens, or small cats in size XS. Limits movement more than most others.

    Con #4: the elastic attachments on the stomach straps, meant to provide comfort, only increase the ability of the pet to fight and stretch the harness to get it off themselves.

    Overall, this does not compare well to others available. We’re returning this one.

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  2. Avatar of DragonRhapsody


    We got this for our almost 1 y/o kitten, he’s a bit smaller than his brother, but both of them fit the harness really well. The neck is adjustable and it’s quick to adjust, so I expand it before putting it on, and then tighten it on him. The belly clips are a little more finicky to adjust while ON the cat, so I recommend adjusting off of them and then making sure it fits after.
    This harness feels much more sturdy than our other harness, and feels less like the cat will escape. (They are indoor cats except for little walks, now). We had to let our cat get used to the harness, he was wobbly and couldn’t walk at first, and now loves exploring fearlessly in the backyard. (Treats always help, especially when putting on the harness and adjusting it).

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  3. Avatar of Marina Tkachenko

    Marina Tkachenko

    Our kitten is 6 months old, about 7lb. She outgrew her adventure harness, so we tried this one. It is currently on the tightest setting, and fits a bit loose. She only escaped or backed out of it 1x. But thats because she has very slippery fur and I wanted to see if it was possible. Took her a minute, which in all honesty I had enough time to prevent. Other than that, she doesn’t care that its on. Runs and jumps with it on as if she is naked. Putting it on is not an issue, the head has to be put thru the harness and then you snap the sides, which is much easier than step thru one that we had. She kept prancing out of that old one before we could fasten it.

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  4. Avatar of helen0225


    Our cat is a runner – that’s how we acquired him and other than that stressful behavior, he’s a wonderful cat with a friendly and outgoing personality. I have considered a harness for a couple of years but debated if purposeful trips outside would encourage more frequent urges to run or that he would come to expect outside time. The first couple of days involved wearing the harness to become acquainted with it. He slunk around, not very pleased with it. I used the time to make adjustments so his eventual outdoor time would be safe. I didn’t find the adjustments intuitive but fumbled through. Day 3 involved a short excursion. He was thoroughly engaged, looking around, listening and sniffing. While he enjoyed it, he was content to go inside. I increased the time each day and he is making the connection with the leash and time outside…learning not to tug at the leash, etc. I’m really pleased with our progress and I am positive this needs to be done at his comfort level. Bad reviews based on your experience is unjustified. I’m commenting on our experience and reviewing the quality, which is excellent. Oh! Don’t forget to provide flea & tick prevention and factor the cost in. One last mention, I am giving additional scratches under the harness and am yet undecided if it’s a regularly worn item or put on solely for outside time and a collar for daily wear. I’m sure he will let me know.

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  5. Avatar of Karen


    This harness is very well constructed and seems durable. My cat is 12 pounds and I got the extra small; it’s the right fit for him.

    The only word of caution is about the color—the photo makes it look like the harness is red. It’s more of an orange hue, if that matters.

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  6. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    I got the right size for my cat, but she always manages to walk out of them. Keep a close eye on your pets, this happened 3 times with me. Not taking anymore chances.

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  7. Avatar of Starsha


    We were thinking of using this vest to get our 16 year old male cat used to being in it for the carrier. He hates his carrier and will hide when he sees it. The first time, My husband let the vest lay on the floor and kitty played with it. Then my husband slowly rubbed his stomach and around his throat and gently put the vest on him. Our cat LOVED the vest and immediately walked around and simply left the room and went for a nap with it on. In fact it has helped ready him for the carrier. Every day we let him wear the vest just around the house. The vest was well made, It’s not too snug, and perfect for calming as well.

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  8. Avatar of Robin Beyers

    Robin Beyers

    Our rescue kitten was 12 weeks when we started using the harness. He does really great on it however they need to make an XXS size as it is a little big and can be backed out of.

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  9. Avatar of Kerry Surridge

    Kerry Surridge

    Harness came quickly. Measurements were correct but the side staps are too thick for this size of harness and rub. As an extra small the nylon straps and clips should also be made smaller to .5 inch. Otherwise it works. Price was right.

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  10. Avatar of Monkee


    We have tried many, many harnesses for our big 20 pound cat.
    It’s nearly impossible to find something that fits his neck and his belly.
    This harness did the trick. Both neck and girth are adjustable so it worked out perfectly.
    He seems fine with it too and did not fall over and refuse to walk.
    If you want to take your cat outdoors, but keep them safe I would give this harness a chance.

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  11. Avatar of Mandy Henning

    Mandy Henning

    First, I want to say that I’m giving this harness 3 stars because I have to retighten the straps on it every time I use it on my cat because it loosens as he wears it. It would be much nicer if I knew there was no way he could manage to wriggle it loose. That said, he’s never gotten out of it, so it does do it’s job. My cat is also not the biggest, he’s a standard American shorthair, so this harness is a little bulky on him. He (being the drama queen that cats can be) acts like he has lead weights strapped to the harness so that’s why I’ve rated everything at 3 stars. I will say he looks very handsome in it though. Hope this helps.

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  12. Avatar of MCB


    This harness is very easy to put on and take off. My bengal weighs 11 pounds and the XS fits him perfectly. I recommend this model!

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  13. Avatar of Stevie


    This needs to be made stronger and the areas around the D-ring and stitching need to be reinforced.

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