Dog Puzzle Toys,Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment,Dog Treat Puzzle

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Dog Puzzle Toys,Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment,Dog Treat Puzzle
  • [Size]: 9.44″ * 1.14″ (diameter * height), suitable for cats, puppies and small dogs.
  • [Interactive Dog Toy] This is a fun interactive puppy puzzle toy, which can easily become the closest companion and toy for your puppies and cats, and will release pressure for dogs. Find food by sliding parts to improve eating pleasure and IQ.
  • [Slow feeder] This slow feeder encourages pets to eat at a slower speed, helps to slow down the feeding time to help the dog digest, and can provide your dog with a variety of healthy snacks.
  • [Slow Feede toys] Use this educational game toy to exercise the dog’s brain, which will help meet the dog’s instinct needs, train the pet’s sense of smell, and let the dog enjoy fun feeding when using the nose or paw to move the slider, while providing spirit stimulate.
  • [Safe and harmless material] It is made of non-toxic PVC material, safe to use and environmentally friendly. No toy is indestructible. To avoid swallowing, please do not put toys with unattended pets. If it is damaged, please replace the toy in time.

Specification: Dog Puzzle Toys,Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment,Dog Treat Puzzle

Package Dimensions

11.18 x 9.88 x 1.54 inches, 13.44 Ounces

Date First Available

January 3, 2021


ShenZhen Miguel Pet Products Co. ,Ltd.

8 reviews for Dog Puzzle Toys,Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment,Dog Treat Puzzle

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  1. Avatar of Michelle


    Used this on both my dogs. They’re 7yr and 13yr old. They solved it pretty quickly, probably in about 10min. I had gotten this mainly for the 13yr old to help mentally challenge him since he spends most of his day just sleeping. The slides move pretty fluidly, so if you want a little resistance, I would pack a little extra treats/kibble to give it a bit of a challenge for your dog. Cleans and dries pretty easily too. When I took it out of the box, it looked a bit used. There’s some light scratches/scuff marks. You can see some kind of oily residue and fingerprints under the light. The rubbers on the bottom of the puzzle are also a bit dirty. It wasn’t much of a big deal since my dogs are probably going to scratch, and ruin it anyways. So, I just washed it. I use this along with a sniffmat to feed him his meals. Keeps him occupied for a good 30min or so.

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  2. Avatar of Lexus


    I thought it would hold more food or treats but the openings are super small. My new puppy likes to play the game anyways. They should put suction cups on the bottom so the slider can be a bit heavier because it slides open very easy. Keeps him busy for about 10-20 minutes. Spots are big enough to put like 3-4 kibbles. Maybe best for very small breeds.

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  3. Avatar of Keene Family

    Keene Family

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Our dog trainer suggested getting one of these for our dogs to help keep them from getting bored during meal time. This also helps keep their brains active and mentally stimulate them during the winter months. They both enjoyed the puzzle and it worked great, even if it doesn’t take them long to finish it. It is very easy to set up and I think the dogs have fun. The puzzle itself is very durable as you can see in the video and is very well made.

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  4. Avatar of Nikki


    Our nearly 8 year old schnauzer is afraid of all kinds of sounds and at first was afraid of the sound of the sliders that cover the depressions for the treats. With a few days of coaxing she approached it and found one treat but didn’t look for more. A few more days and she’d discovered there may be more treats hidden under those sliders. I break mini treats into 3 or 4 pieces so she doesn’t get too much. She has always liked us to hold a “cookie” (dog treat) for her to eat after she finishes her dish. She prefers this find it gadget.

    The only caution would be that it’s so fun to watch her get to them that it’s awfully tempting to let her “find” the treats more than once a day.

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  5. Avatar of GHF


    Well my brilliant dog did figure it out fairly quickly but he is a border collie and pretty much smarter than the children. I keep waiting for Mensa for dogs to open their registration so we can go get a proper IQ test. In the meantime these puzzles ensure that he never has a straightforward meal and that’s we doggie parents maintain our standing as instruments of frustration in both our dog’s life and our children’s. We do love to make both species do things that are good for them whether they like it or not! That being said we LOVE anything that wears out our brilliant dog’s brain power. Tired dog, happy parents. Good puzzle. Perfectly happy with it.

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  6. Avatar of Ami


    My dog, my beloved smart pupper, took one look at it before picking it up and shaking the treats out. Okay, fine, only weighted puzzles or snuffle mats for you.

    Then I switched it over to my cats. The sliding parts move very easily and smoothly so it is good for cats of all sizes. They have some issue with the center part but I am confident they will figure it out.

    If your dog likes puzzles, get this. If your dog is a brute, try something else. If your cat likes puzzles, get this.

    It has a capacity for 1-2 pieces of Natural Balance puppy kibble, but 2-3 pieces of Temptations treats. It’s okay to clean, but I would prefer it could be pulled apart, as you can’t clean the entire bottom portion.

    7/10, recommend.

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  7. Avatar of Lola O.

    Lola O.

    I did soak it in bleach before I used it and washing it is kind of a pain since the little tabs don’t pop out, but honestly that would be a choking hazard so I appreciate it in the end. My puppy loves just scratching at it and finding treats. Even when she’s found all the treats, she keeps pawing at it. It’s a great time saver on my part. I put pieces of boiled chicken too to make the whole thing more enticing and that worked super well. My only gripe with the product is it’s so ugly, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers!

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  8. Avatar of A_Elise


    I have a 7mo old Dobie. She’s very smart but also stubborn. Lately she has not been wanting to eat her food and will try to steal her brother’s cat food. However, once I received this toy, I put her own kibble in it and she loved the challenge of finding the food. At first she struggled a bit, but then I showed her how to slide the doors to find the food and now she’s a pro! Although she continues to be picky with her own food when I put it in her bowl, she happily gobbles it from this toy! So far it seems pretty durable and was easy to wash. Even the cat tries to play with it!

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