Does Your NobleOak Life Insurance Cover You for COVID-19?

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Does receiving a COVID-19 vaccination affect my insurance cover?

The simple answer is ‘No’.

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, which has been approved by the Australian Government for use in Australia, from approved health personnel in Australia, will not change the terms of your insurance cover under your existing policy issued by NobleOak. You can rest assured that if you are entitled to a benefit under the existing policy terms, NobleOak will pay the benefit. The Financial Services Council, of which NobleOak is a member, has issued a media release confirming that taking a COVID-19 vaccine will not invalidate life insurance policies.

Take a moment to check your cover

It’s a good idea to check your level of cover regularly to help make sure it continues to meet your financial needs as your circumstances may have changed.

We are here to help

Remember, we are here to support our customers and members, so please call on 1300 041 494. if you have questions or require information about your cover.

Important information – The Target Market Determinations for NobleOak’s life insurance products are available on our website at Cover is issued by NobleOak Life Limited ABN 85 087 648 708 AFSL No. 247302.

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Cover is available to Australian residents and is subject to acceptance of the application and the terms and conditions set out in the PDS for the product. This information is of a general nature only and does not take into consideration your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you purchase an insurance product, you should carefully consider the PDS to decide if it is right for you. The PDS is available by calling NobleOak on 1300 108 490 or from Clients should not cancel any existing Life Insurance policy until they have been informed in writing that their replacement cover is in place. NobleOak cannot provide you with personal advice, but our staff may provide general information about NobleOak Life insurance. By supplying your contact details, you are consenting to be contacted by NobleOak, in accordance with NobleOak’s Privacy Policy.

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