Comfort Zone Multicat Refills

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Comfort Zone Multicat Refills
  • 😺 VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Comfort Zone is a veterinarian recommended solution to keeping cats, safe, happy, and calm.
  • 😺 180 DAYS OF HARMONY: Includes 6 refills to blanket 1 room with harmonizing pheromones to ease cat tension for up to 180 days.
  • 😺 DRUG-FREE: Drug-free solution that helps to calm your stressed cat and reduce urine spraying, scratching, and other unwanted behaviors.
  • 😺 MULTI-CAT TENSION: Use to help reduce multiple cat household tension, fighting, and stress. Creates a calming, relaxing environment for both Single and Multi-Cat homes.
  • 😺 TRUSTED CALMING: Our trusted cat calming pheromone formula refills work in all Comfort Zone diffusers and last up to 30 days.
  • 😺 AWARD WINNING: 2020 Product of the Year Winner – Cat Care Category.
  • 😺 HOW TO USE: Plug diffuser upright into a wall outlet with vents facing up and never into power strips. Improper use may cause the diffuser to become discolored, increased odor, or cause leaking.
  • 😺 CERTIFIED: Diffusers certified to UL safety standards and include a shut-off feature to prevent overheating and a rotatable plug to ensure upright placement in any wall outlet.
  • 😺 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so confident your pets will find stress relief from our products that we offer a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Results may vary by each individual cat.
  • 😺 CONTACT US: We value our consumer feedback and questions. Visit our website to contact the Comfort Zone customer care team.

Specification: Comfort Zone Multicat Refills

Product Dimensions

5.63 x 3.69 x 3.56 inches, 13.76 Ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

January 17, 2019


Central Garden & Pet

8 reviews for Comfort Zone Multicat Refills

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  1. Avatar of SE


    I love this product… and it seems to really work for keeping my 17 year old cat calm with the two younger cats around… also seems to keep the young male from turning me into a human scratching post like he does when we run out of it…. BUT I looked when I last ordered the product… I got the six pack 8 weeks ago and I have a week at most left in them. I run two at a time, one upstairs and one downstairs so this means that each bottle is lasting about three weeks. This is important to know that they rarely last as advertised “up to 30 days”…. the “up to” part is key there. Gets expensive….. so keep that in mind… but yes, the product seems to work really well at keeping the household cats copacetic and the old boy cat not marking.

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  2. Avatar of Emma England

    Emma England

    I tried these diffusers as a last ditch effort to not have to surrender my cat. He was peeing everywhere, and it was ruining our home. I convinced my husband to give me a few more weeks with this diffuser, and our cat is COMPLETELY different. We have always loved him, but now he is CALM and SNUGGLY and even PLAYS WITH OUR DOGS. Not that he minded the dogs before, he just didn’t want anything to do with them. Our sweet kitty is now so much happier and more relaxed, it doesn’t freak him out if our family comes to visit. I cannot emphasize how much this thing has saved helped my sweet kitty. Its such a relief that he isn’t stressed out. I ended up buying another one since the product claims each plugin will only cover one room, just to make sure he could be comfortable in more of the house.

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  3. Avatar of Michael Wortham

    Michael Wortham

    Turns out there has been a corporate split, resulting in two competing cat pheromone products. We have been using Feliway diffusers for years. Now there is this Comfort Zone product which is also a cat pheromone diffuser; it is not Feliway. I inadvertently ordered this new product. The Comfort Zone refill bottles fit the Feliway diffusers. Feliway never had an aroma of any kind, but Comfort Zone smells like the wood-burning kit I had as a kid. I was concerned that it might be overheating, but it was not hot to the touch. There was an insert with the Comfort Zone that says there might be a smell. I never want a smell of any kind from my pheromone diffusers.

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  4. Avatar of Monica Flores

    Monica Flores

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This might help… I have not stopped using it for fear she *could* be worse. I have used all other Pheromone plug in brands and I think this makes the most improvement. I try to discourage her unproked stalking with a squirt gun but she loves baths. Our demon fur child is spayed and has quadruple the resources any cat could ever desire, our Vets next recommendation is kitty Prozac which I can’t get behind.
    I’m convinced an exorcism is in order but I can’t find a cat priest so this will have to do. I plug one in every room and one on all sides of my bed so she might be less inclined to follow thru with her plot to murder me in my sleep.

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  5. Avatar of Prfine


    I bought these because my cats tend to fight a lot, especially at night. And the dog annoys them a lot too. I was recommended them by my neighbor. I can tell a major difference. My fat black cat (who is not fond of me) benefits the most. She is now a sweet cute girl who is very social with me. She likes to cuddle on my lap now. My anxious little grey tabby is far less anxious and doesn’t run when you cat call her. She now meows and perks up her butt ready for some scratchies. The dog doesn’t chase the cats as much either, and I’ve noticed the tabby actually rubs her head on the dog now, but the fat black cat still isn’t a fan of the dog.

    I can tell when the dispenser is beginning to be ineffective cus the cats will start arguing more. Each bottle at that time will have a bit in the bottom left too. I like to open the old bottle and new bottle with a butter knife (gently), use a dedicated old small plastic syringe from gas drops for my infant, suck out the remaining liquid out and add it to the new bottle. Might sound silly and petty, but it makes the new bottle last about a weekish longer than just throwing the old one away. Don’t spill it though because it’s oily and it a pain to completely clean up (personal experience).

    There isn’t any discernible scent that the human nose can detect. But it does work, I have witnessed my cats become much more chill. The coverage is good too. My house is just over 3000sqft and I put 3 plugs in commonly travelled areas or rooms the cats spend more time. One in a main hallway, one in my bedroom, and one in the living room. The pheromones spread enough that every area gets enough. Normal back and forth traffic across the house will carry the pheromones around, so I’d suggest only putting one in large areas or in rooms the cats spend most of their time. You don’t need one for every room, just higher traffic locations.

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  6. Avatar of Deefer


    My cat is very friendly when I use the comfort zone.

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  7. Avatar of Rebecca J Child

    Rebecca J Child

    So we have four cats and only two of them actually get along. The other one is basically the devil incarnate and will cut you if you look at her the wrong way. The last one hides ALL DAY because she lives in terror of the other three. If you’re a cat in our household, basically you need to be wary 24/7. Until now. These pheromone diffusers have changed the way we live, and I’m not joking. Although devil-cat is still the spawn of satan on a good day, she doesn’t readily attack everything that moves anymore. The hiding cat actually comes out of hiding a good amount of the day and LETS YOU PET HER. The other two that got along to begin with still get along, and they even started trying to get along with the devil cat and hiding cat. If you’re having any cat trouble at all with your feline friends, do yourself a favor and buy these yesterday. You won’t regret it!

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  8. Avatar of Golftime


    We bought these because we have multiple cats that sometimes have minor skirmishes. We placed one in our den and as you can see from the attached photo, it must have vented all at once, and it left a terrible oily stain on the drywall over it. Our home improvement guy said he is going to try and seal the drywall and paint over it, however if that doesn’t work the drywall will have to be cut out and replaced in that area. I can’t otherwise comment as to the effectiveness of the product as the damage to the drywall is a disqualifier.

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