Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Dog Toy, Various Sizes

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Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Dog Toy, Various Sizes
  • ULTRA BOUNCE BALL: This ball toy for dogs entices play withhigh impact bouncing! Play fetch at the lake or pool thanks to the lightweight, buoyant design. Compatible with Chuckit! ball launcher.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Rubber ball for dogs has a textured surface & a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers yet is soft on dog’s mouths.
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Specification: Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Dog Toy, Various Sizes

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, 6.6 Ounces

Item model number




Date First Available

July 12, 2004



10 reviews for Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Dog Toy, Various Sizes

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  1. Avatar of Lauren Saunders

    Lauren Saunders

    If you can’t find any toys that your dog won’t destroy. This is the ball for you! I’ve working in this industry for over a decade and was in charge of merchandising a new local shop in my town. These were a must have and were always flying off the shelves. I recently left this managing position and I needed more Ultra Balls (I like to have 2 in the house and 2 for playing outside) and I found this particular price to be about what I was ordering wholesale! What a steal!

    I occasionally have to replace these not because they get destroyed, but because my dogs somehow lose them in our fairly forested backyard (or an overzealous husband chucks them over the fence.) If you’ve got a destructive dog like my pitbull, then I’m sure you know it’s not IF your dog will destroy a toy, it’s how long it takes them that influences your purchasing decisions. So how long have these lasted in my house? I don’t know, I’ll let you know when she actually destroys it!

    For those who are curious if this will fit in your chuckit launcher, the medium ball size fits perfectly in the classic. These can be used for a game of fetch, but I have found the dogs seem to like simply chewing on them indoors like a piece of bubblegum or like a mouth stress ball. Works for my heavy chewer, but soft enough for my senior shiba. One of my cats is also super into playing soccer with them too. It’s a riot to watch.

    If you’re looking for an awesome new toy for your dog, get this ball; and if you don’t have the ChuckIt! yet, I totally recommend those too.

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  2. Avatar of Heather B

    Heather B

    These Chuckit Ultra Balls are the the best discovery ever, where my two Springers are concerned! In fact I’m not kidding when I say that my older pup, Bella, loves hers almost as much as she loves her food – which is saying something! She carries her ball around with her everywhere, sometimes even falling asleep with it in her mouth – and I sometimes throw dog treats to her when she’s carrying it around and she will let the treat just bounce off her nose rather than let go of her ball (much to the younger pup’s delight lol!). But enough of my crazy animals… These Chuckit Ultra Balls have lasted a good year so far, with no sign of damage. They are heavy enough to go a fair distance when through, but soft and light enough that they don’t hurt if they hit either you or your dog. They also float, and don’t get revoltingly soggy like tennis balls do. Fantastic! 😁

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  3. Avatar of Erica B

    Erica B

    I’m sorry to say that a once untouchable product has changed for the worst. While the customer service department seems to still be in active and responsive as they were prompt in sending me a replacement set for the initial returned set.

    I took the replacement, in the off chance that it was only fluke that both balls in the 2 piece set were broken in less than 3-4 hours of ball play and chewing — but just as I thought and as other reviews have mentioned- these balls are completely different from their old assembly line shipped out not more than 6 months ago.

    To give an idea of the disparaging change in the quality of this product, I still have all but maybe 3 individuals of the balls sets that I have purchased (2 times a year for the past 4 years). The 3 now absent, have merely been adopted into my friends ansfamikies dogs’ homes, but they too are still in tact. years and years of adequate quality, durable enough for the regular demand of four large and active dog.
    These new sets of balls, on the other hand, seem to all pop the same routine circular holes in the bottom of the ball, time after time, after only a couple hours of obsessed chewing out of my 55 lb Shepherd mix. He is the smallest and also the least aggressive chewer in my dog family.

    Sad to say the one toy I was counting on buying in perpetuity, has changed for the worse.
    I will not be tryinG these again unless some signal has been clear from either multiple customers with revised reviews, and/or a real explanation of the disparity, from the seller/manufacturer

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  4. Avatar of Tina


    These are just brilliant! I was slightly sceptical at first if I’m totally honest, with them being hollow but that really isn’t an issue at all as they must be super strong! And I say that as I have a Staffy! He absolutely loves destroying balls and goes through tennis balls in afew seconds so I had to resort to the solid rubber balls and take them off him at the end of each walk but he still manages to knaw off chunks of them, and luckily spits it out not swallows. So after Chuck it Ultra balls were recommended to me I decided to give them ago as a birthday present for my ‘Tyson’. He loves them n sits chewing on them for ages, squishing them in his mouth constantly! They are made from strong natural durable rubber, and in the case of my dog I would highly recommend them as being staffy proof. Very happy with these.
    ***Edit:- It is now February 2017 and both these balls are still totally in tact and are still his favourite balls.

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  5. Avatar of P. Hanson

    P. Hanson

    Well, this is the ONLY toy that our dog LOVES. The ChuckIt Ultra is her obsession. She has them strategically hidden around the house for quick/easy access, she follows us around with one, she sometimes even brings one to bed with her. Squeaky toys are … well … FINE in a pinch, but really, nothing in her world compares with this ball. She is a 50lb Springer Spaniel and has only managed to “crack” one of these balls in 2+ years, and she chews on them almost like a pacifier (she’ll just sit there and chomp chomp chomp on it). She prefers the medium size, but we have a large size Ultra and she enjoys that too.

    They are easy to throw (with or without the ChuckIt stick), they bounce great, they FLOAT, they are super easy to wash off (that alone is worth the 5 stars for anyone out there who has tried to wash off a tennis ball) and they are really durable.

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  6. Avatar of ■ ■ Mikelomonti ■ ■

    ■ ■ Mikelomonti ■ ■

    Ob im Wasser oder an Land: Ohne seinen Chuckit Ball geht nix mehr! Oskar trifft man nur noch in Kombination mit seinem Ball an!

    Er trägt ihn immer und überall mit hin und ist total stolz darauf! Tolle Investition! Und er hüpft so schön!

    Achja und kaputt geht auch nix – egal wie rabiat er darauf rumkaut!

    Klare Kaufempfehlung!

    Über ein Hilfreich freue ich mich sehr 🙂

    Update Oktober 18:

    Nach nun fast 5 Monaten quasi täglich im Einsatz: das allerbeste Spielzeug, dass wir je hatten! Egal wie lange er darauf kaut, der Ball sieht aus wie an Tag-1!!! Besser geht es nicht!!!!

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  7. Avatar of Bichon Mom

    Bichon Mom

    I didn’t know how much my Maltese girls would like a ball without a squeaker but these Chuckit Ultra Balls became an instant favorite with them.

    I got the 2.5 inch two pack and they both immediately began games of fetch with me. The design and size of the balls make it easy for them to pick up and carry back. The bounce is something that entices them to try to jump and capture it in the air. It’s a worthwhile addition to their toy box.

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  8. Avatar of MZ


    My dogs love these balls, definitely a main staple and repurchase in our house. They last a lot of chewing and are some of the only balls that my dogs have not destroyed quickly. They have good bounce and are easy to find because of the nice color.

    Though I’d call them 5 star , I had to take away one star due to a part of the design that has the potential to make them dangerous. They are sealed with one ‘plug’ that after about 3 months of munching came out. It has happened to every one of these balls we have owned. 3 months is a pretty good life span, but toys with single holes have the danger of the suction effect (some dogs can get their tongues stuck in the hole due to suction) , and so I constantly have to check these to make sure the dogs haven’t knocked the plug out accidentally. I wish chuck it had a very small hole on the other side, you could drill one yourself !, to prevent a suction problem. Just make sure you check them after heavy use 🙂

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  9. Avatar of Sukhi Dhaliwal

    Sukhi Dhaliwal

    I love these!! I like that they are very versatile for my pup! She plays with these inside and out, so easy to clean. Overall these are great!

    Update: I still love these for my puppy but please please please make sure you are monitoring your pets play, I came across this story and please take the time to read as it can happen to anyone:

    A month and a half ago I lost my little girl, my Luna. I have never loved anyone so deeply so fast. 1 year and 9 months was too short and we were both robbed of years of happiness and love. My heart has been broken and I haven’t been able to write anything until now. But I want to, because it was a tragic accident that others could avoid and I want people to know. Luna was playing fetch in the water with her favourite ball, a medium sized Chuck-it brand ball, the most common dog ball around, and she did this many times. Unbeknownst to me, the ball was the perfect size to get stuck behind her back molars and seal off her airway. She either drowned, or suffocated, I can’t be sure. I had her out of the water within seconds of her going under, and I tried CPR and did compressions the whole way to the vet, but I knew she was already gone. PLEASE tell your dog owner friends and family, DO NOT play fetch in water with a ball, so others can avoid this tragedy.

    I’ll love you forever Luna bear ❤️

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  10. Avatar of AnonyMoose


    Fantastic balls! Until the end of May this year, we’d had the same two balls since 4 September 2016. During those 9 months they had been thrown, chased, caught, bounced on concrete surfaces, and chewed, yet they were still in ‘as new’ condition. In March I wrote “I don’t know how the manufacturer makes money because they are truly virtually indestructible”. And two months later I lost one! I threw it into the sea in Cornwall, for Polly to retrieve, and the tide took it away. We still have one of the originals, plus two new ones – ordered the night it was cast out to sea, because my ball maniac could not do without it (we’d left one at home 300 miles away). These balls are more at risk of loss than splitting or being chewed into pieces. Love them.

    Original Review:
    I have a ball-crazy Staffy. She constantly brings balls to me hoping I’ll play with her, and throws them around by herself if I won’t. She trashes a tennis ball in 2 minutes – pulling the fluffy fabric off, splitting it in half down the seam, and then chewing it to pieces. So tennis balls were banned, as were all dog balls bar the hard solid rubber ones….. but, although not a chewer normally, she does chew her way through them if left to play alone with one. Her teeth just sink into them, and I find little bits everywhere. The solid rubber balls are heavy, and I can’t throw them far. They strain my neck, shoulder, and elbow, when I launch them with a thrower. Also, they are too hard and heavy for Polly to catch from a height or a distance, and I’m always afraid they’ll dislocate her jaw when catching them from a height.

    Her ‘friends’ have different Chuckit balls (whistlers, rebounders, and glow balls, which don’t float) and, whilst looking to buy her a set of these, I came across these Ultra balls – which looked far better for my dog. I read some of the 1300+ reviews for the Ultra balls, and I must say I was sceptical about them being virtually indestructible in a Staffy’s jaws. But, we’ve had them for two weeks now, played with them daily, and they are absolutely amazing – so far!

    Within minutes, on the day they arrived, I heard one of them squelching as she brought it back to me and my heart sank. I thought she had punctured it already, but then I discovered the secret of this amazing ball, and what makes it almost indestructible. There’s a tiny hole, in a groove, which allows the ball to squash between the teeth/jaws, pushing the air out, and preventing the teeth from penetrating its strong textured rubber. The squelching was Polly’s slobber, in the hole. Amazing!

    I’m over the moon with these balls. Initially I thought they were rather expensive for a dog ball, but now I don’t begrudge a penny of their cost. The medium size seems to fit all types of standard sized launchers. I’ve owned dogs (as an adult) for over 40 years – three of which were Staffies – and I’ve never before been able to go out and leave my dog at home alone with a ball to occupy itself, without it being destroyed. In a short time, these balls will more than pay for themselves. I’m paranoid about losing them (as they are so bouncy) but, in the event that we do, I won’t hesitate to replace them with the same. They’ve given us so much pleasure already.


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