ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue)

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ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue)
  • AERODYNAMIC FRISBEE: Ideal frisbee for dogs for high-flying games of fetch, designed for long-distance flight. The Paraflight fetch toy floats in water – great for playing at the pool or lake.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The large dog frisbee features a multilayer nylon interior & soft rubber edges that’s gentle on puppy’s gums & teeth. Frisbee gradually descends for jumping & catching mid flight.
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Specification: ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Date First Available

June 26, 2012


Canine Hardware

10 reviews for ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue)

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  1. Avatar of Ginger


    I love my Chuck It brand ball thrower but these frisbees suck! Oh my God! I played with my dog with this frisbee in the pool and the blue paint on it disintegrated within a few times playing with it. The blue paint got ALL OVER MY DOG and his fur! I cannot return it because it is past the return date. Do not buy these if you play in the water at all ! And since it is made in China, I don’t know if that paint is toxic. It is like a rubber coating but gets SUPER gooey with a few times use in the pool! Caveat emptor, buyer beware. It is NOT for pool or any water use at all. I do not know if the coating will disintegrate if not used in the pool, but it is an awful product. Really disappointed!

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  2. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     (see Update below) I bought this disk and the Cosmic Dog Disk on Amazon at the same time. I received them today and went outside with my Australian Shepherd and threw them around for a good 45 minutes. I have found out to NEVER only have 1 frisbee when throwing. If so, you will be playing tug-o-war with it and the disk won’t last near as long. When your dog returns one, throw the second.
    Both of the disks are the same structure, i.e., a hard rubber outer edge with a soft inner circle. Here’s my take on them both:
    Cosmic Dog Disk:
    Pros – Rubber outer circle is very durable. My dog wanted to shake this one like a maniac when it was in her mouth. The inner circle is thin nylon. With all the shaking and chomping, it doesn’t show any signs of wear yet. Only time will tell. Once it’s thrown, it stays in the air the longest of any of the 8 different dog frisbees I have bought due to its light weight. It also stays parallel to the ground very well with normal frisbee throwing technique.
    Cons – It’s hard to throw very far because it’s has a flimsy feel to it and it bends under the pressure of a high-torqued throw. You have to adjust your throw to a slower accelerated throw to keep it circular.
    ChuckIt Paraflight:
    Pros – This is really solid feeling. The outer circle is more solid than the Cosmic Dog Disk and the inner circle seems to be a canvas like material. It holds up well under the highest torqued throws. After chomping on it for 45 minutes, it barely looks used.
    Cons – As you can see in the video, all of my throws end up curving left very abruptly about half-way through its flight. My dog can still catch it, but it gets annoying after a while.
    My dog didn’t seem to prefer either disk more than the other and she’s VERY picky. Sometimes, if she doesn’t like a frisbee, she simply won’t chase it at all. In spite of the ChuckIt Paraflight holding up better and feeling more solid, I can’t seem to adjust my throw to accommodate the crazy left curve. I prefer the Cosmic Dog Disk, even though I have to throw a little more slowly.

    UPDATE: After a week of throwing, the ChuckIt Paraflight is still in prime condition, while the Cosmic Dog Disk has a tear through it’s outer rubber edge. I have upgraded this to 4 stars for it’s toughness, but it still curves sharply to the left compared to all of the other frisbees I throw with my dog.

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  3. Avatar of Paula 1712

    Paula 1712

    Had this for 7 days. Dog loves it, great for throwing, but falling apart already. Expensive for something that lasts so little time. My dog only has access to the toy on part of the walk (20 mins a day ish) and not at home. Great idea but rubbish quality.

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  4. Avatar of C. Leonard

    C. Leonard

    I’ll start with the Good.
    My dogs love these. They are light, fly pretty well, and do not hurt my dogs mouths when they catch them.

    Now the Bad.
    The Frisbee’s pictured that are attached to this review are about a week old. As you can tell, they are coming apart around the edges; fraying and threadbare. We do not allow our dogs to tug on these. They get thrown, caught, or picked up by our pups and brought back to us.
    I have purchased 6 of these over the past month or so and all of them have come apart like this. The stitching is not up to par with what is hyped as a durable Frisbee. Granted the price of them on Amazon is far more affordable than in our chain pet stores, but when they come apart within a week from moderate to light use, they just aren’t worth the cost.
    We cannot play everyday because of the weather or work obligations, so it’s not like these are getting used every day.

    ChuckIt needs to do better and put these together so they last longer.

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  5. Avatar of Jo M.A.

    Jo M.A.

    The puppy loves this one (she has three frisbees because she’s spoilt) because she can actually catch it. It really is flighty so the man-child has scaled several hedges and fences to retrieve it when it has suddenly been stolen by the wind. Seems durable as the mega-chewer puppy hasn’t yet destroyed it.

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  6. Avatar of MW


    The toy flies well and is easy on my dog’s mouth. However the stitching is coming use already so I do not think it is particularly robust.

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  7. Avatar of M. George

    M. George

    I’ve had German Shepherds for the past 25 years – some are frisbee dogs, others are not. We currently have a 10 month old who loves to play frisbee. I’ve tried multiple brands over the years and beyond the old-style Tail-Spin that ran $25 (new versions are terrible), this one is the best.
    We play 30-60 minutes almost everyday. The disk flies just fine although has better hang time into a breeze. It also floats when I have bad aim and it goes in the pool.
    When we’re done playing, the frisbee goes up so he can’t chew on it. Take care of your dog’s toys and they will last. We go through about 1 a month. The stitching that holds the foam ring starts to come apart and the foam ring itself will split in two although still flies just fine. I don’t let them get to the point of total destruction like some of the photos you might see in reviews – typically a case of leaving it with the dog unsupervised. He has yet to puncture the center of the disk from catching it, which is not the case with other brands. I do like the foam ring better than some of the harder material or rubber tubing in others which he has split into small pieces simply from catching it numerous times. I’m essentially saying I feel this is one of the safer products out there when used properly (again, don’t just leave it with your dog – it is not an indestructible Kong toy).
    For less than $100 a year in toys, this one is a winner in my book and lets me stay active with my pups.

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  8. Avatar of Littlest Finch

    Littlest Finch

    Okay so I have a nine month old border collie and he LOVES frisbees. It took us a bit to find the “one” and I’m almost bummed this is it. We have tried soft indestructible brands like west paw and kong that have held up infinitely better than this particular model. However Mac LOVES this floppy dirty monstrosity. The foam in the edging lasted about one week. But the stupid thing still flies. At this point the blue material is getting holes big enough we have to replace it. It’s been two months and half the joy he receives from this thing is catching then “killing” it while wildly running laps. I don’t think the other brands have a good enough flop to them. For the price I can’t be too upset, especially because of how much he loves this dirt disc. We’ll see if the new one satisfies him or if it was just this particular well worn frisbee he’s attached to.

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  9. Avatar of M.K


    Lasts 4 walks – at most – Briard loves it but unfortunately on walk no. 4 we have it unusable.
    if the blue ring was covered with same fabric it would probably last longer. Rubber goes in pieces – no chewing – then fabric gets thorn.
    Had 2 of them – same situation – so think no more

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  10. Avatar of Rick Grant

    Rick Grant

    I’ve been buying these for my Border Collies for years because once you have had to pay for dog dental work made necessary by a hard plastic flying disc, you won’t quibble about the price of these.

    There have been comments about durability. First of all, these are not chewing toys. They won’t last but minutes if they are used as a chew toy. The disc in the picture was bought at the end of May and I have retired it today near the end of August. It could have gone another couple of weeks by trimming some of the soft plastic that forms the outer ring but 3 months is pretty good.

    My Border Collies get trained on these for 10 to 15 minutes once every two to three days. The discs fly amazingly well with a good tail or quartering wind and the dogs get a good high speed workout.

    The damage comes from the violent Terrier like rat killing shake that Border Collies give it once the disc has been caught. But the dogs are trained never to out and out chew them.

    Because they are made of fabric they perform well, and safely, for the dog through the winter. Minus 20 celsius is not uncommon where we live.

    Years ago these same discs used to have a hard transparent tube forming the outer ring. That ring would inevitably come apart and no amount of gluing would hold it together. The disc was pretty useless at that point. Because that ring is now made of a soft foam like substance, bits that come out through the edging from normal use can be trimmed off and the disc can continue flying, with substantial amounts of it removed.

    I don’t mind spending $10 or so dollars for three months of use per dog if it means I can avoid the crippling cost of dog dental work. And as I said, this is a really well flying disc that helps greatly with herding training.

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