Chuckit! Indoor Ball for Small Dogs and Puppies Dog Toy Orange/Blue One Size

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Chuckit! Indoor Ball for Small Dogs and Puppies Dog Toy Orange/Blue One Size
  • INDOOR SAFE DOG TOY: The durable dog ball plush dog toy features lightweight design that protects surfaces in the home. Fits Chuckit! Indoor Ball Launcher for slobber-free pickup.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: For long-lasting use as an indoor fetch toy, the indoor dog toy features a durable multilayer construction, making them durable dog toys for aggressive chewers.
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Specification: Chuckit! Indoor Ball for Small Dogs and Puppies Dog Toy Orange/Blue One Size

Product Dimensions

4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches

Item Weight

2.4 ounces




Canine Hardware

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 15, 2011

11 reviews for Chuckit! Indoor Ball for Small Dogs and Puppies Dog Toy Orange/Blue One Size

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  1. Avatar of James S.

    James S.

    a lot bigger than I thought it would be. bought it for an older dog with dental issues thinking it would be a good replacement for tennis balls that are now too painful for him to catch. he can’t catch this either. I have a Jack Russell but I actually doubt any dog has a mouth big enough to fit this ball. not sure what the thinking was making it this large. the plus side is it doesn’t get covered in slobber and it’s easier to get out of his mouth when he wants to play tug. downside is he can barely transport it. often becomes forgotten when there is a tennis ball around.

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  2. Avatar of Lazychick


    We have a 3-year-old Pembroke Corgi that I’ve dubbed the Terminator of Playtime, simply for the fact that he never wants to stop playing…ever, which is both highly amusing and tortuous at the same time. “Listen. Understand. That Terminator is out there! It can’t be reasoned with. It can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.”

    We’ve trained him to retrieve toys by names, which in this case turned out to be “the Squishy”–though “Chucky” likely would’ve been more fitting for several reasons. This toy, out of the many, is his most favorite, to the point where I have to hide it for the sake of my sanity; otherwise, my life starts to eerily resemble scenes from a horror film, where every corner I turn, there he is with the Squishy/Chucky. Walk into a pitch-dark room, flip on the switch, boo…Squishy. Glance in his genereal direction…Squishy. Doing yoga…Squishy gets dropped on my head or at my feet when standing. Wake up or breathing…Squishy. Ignore him and he’ll eventually put Squishy on your shoulder, just in case you happen to actually be daft or blind and didn’t see him nudging it persistently in your general direction or him waiting impatiently. He’s benevolent that way.

    At night, both my partner and I literally freeze whenever he goes digging in his toy box, silently hoping he doesn’t grab the Round Ball of Doom, but he usually does because he’s a sadist. Luckily, it’s usually Man Unit’s designated duty at night to entertain, often being dubbed as the Chosen One by our stubby, four-legged overlord himself. Praise be! Go, me!

    This is my life. So be it.

    So, yeah…it’s decidedly squishy, won’t break my invaluable valuables, and dogs love it. A happy dog is a happy owner–short of the stalker aspect, at least . While it’s great for indoors, they unfortunately do not last long before things start to unravel–and not just meaning my sanity. The little string things definitely encourage compulsive and homicidal tendencies when it comes toys, and they may pull out strings to eat… or maybe floss with. I recommend not leaving Rover or Rovina alone with it unattended–especially if he/she is prone to destruction and leaving massacred plushy carcasses and crime scenes about regularly. Having a backup may also be helpful as well as a stealthy hiding place–you know, just in case.

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  3. Avatar of Andrea


    This is a godsend for my pup and for me. My puppy is a 17 month old border collie who is heavily ball-motivated, which is great until it’s a very rainy, muddy, sad day. I also like my objects inside my house not broken, which has kept me from letting her bounce around regular balls. This ball is both big enough to be hilarious to watch her hold, and made of the right material to avoid slobber hands when she gives it back to you. I absolutely love it. I can understand where some people are coming from in terms of durability, but it wasn’t designed for heavy chewing, it was designed for safe indoor fetch play. I would say that if that is your goal, then this is a highly recommended product. If you do have a heavy chewer who is not ball-motivated (or as willing to give the ball back), then this product may not be the one for you.

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  4. Avatar of KL


    I bought two of these by mistake and it was one of the best mistakes I every made. My dog loves this toy. He carries it around with him all over the house and outside. He is a year old Lab, has sharp teeth, and chews very hard. He has had it for a week now and there are a few (3-5) strings hanging. Not bad for a week for my dog. We have to buy new toys every two weeks to keep him from chewing on things he should not, he also rips apart most toys in two weeks. I have this item in my cart so that every time a place an amazon order I can add one to the order so I can stock pile these. Yes, it will fall apart in time no doubt. If you have a dog like mine not to many toys last more than a few weeks. But the love he has for this ball and that it is so for holding up. I suggest for the price as an add on item buy it when you can because your dog if anything like mine will love it.

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  5. Avatar of HappyD


    I purchased this ball for my 13 week old puppy, when I received the ball I took it out the packaging to find the material around the ball had all the stitching out. The ball is a waste of money and might as well ‘chuck it’ in the bin!! I contacted the seller who then contacted me to say it’s not there problem but to contact amazon! Great help thanks!!

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  6. Avatar of T. Knight

    T. Knight

    The ball bounces really well even after months (even years) of hard work. My two Border Collies love the chase and return game, and will keep going for hours – if they were allowd to. I like the bit of blue which is a colour that dogs can see. I moved from tennis balls (not great for dogs’s teeth) to these about four years ago. I have lost wto or three down rabbit wholes, but only one has actually got slightly damaged (slight opening of a seam) afted very hard work. I recommend them to my friends and clients.

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  7. Avatar of CB


    So very very disappointed. Received this and with in 5 minutes this ball was destroyed. I have a active 9 yr old Jack Russelle that does NOT chew and destroy toys. I threw this ball about 6 times each time she caught the ball she would shake it and return it. On the 6th retrieval the ball totally just came apart!!!!! Cheap product that falls apart. Do not waste your money. How do I get mine back?

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  8. Avatar of Dettybo


    My border terrier opened this on Christmas day and exclaimed excitement of this excellent floofy toy Santa had bought him. Unfortunately for the floofy toy, my pup’s sole purpose of the day was to destroy, destroy, destroy. Firstly the floof was picked off and left on the rug for Mr Hoover to clean then the chewy inside was enjoyed as bit by bit he picked out the soft foam inside (more work for Mr Hoover).

    The smaller, harder ChuckIt balls are practically indestructible this ball, however, is not. If you have a toothless, tiny animal that would like to chase a soft ball around the house then this is the one for you. If you have a piranha puppy whose only job is to destroy any thing they can get their teeth on then go ahead and buy this but warn Mr Hoover in advance, he’s going to be a busy sucker!

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  9. Avatar of Julie Chadbone

    Julie Chadbone

    This ball is terrible as destroyed in 5 mins by my 12 month old malshi and was shocked polystyrene inside that he started to choke on. I order it because he loves chuck it balls, however he has the hard rubber ones so will stick to those from now on

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  10. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    This was a Christmas present for my very high energy Pug. She absolutely loves chasing a ball and this is becoming one of her favourites. It’s soft and light enough that we can play with it indoors but it’s also great for garden play. It’s got a really good bounce to it and because it’s so firm she can’t get her mouth round it to chew! She plays with this daily and it’s still looking new. Highly recommended

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  11. Avatar of Alex B.

    Alex B.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I might have a hard time convincing you that my teddy bear looking Labradoodle is a power chewer, which is why I attached a video. I swear my boy has OCD traits, as he will gnaw the heck out of something he has deemed his favorite toy. He usually makes quick work of Nylabones or any toy that has sewn on eyes, ears or limbs. However, I have owned this for one month now, still with no signs of wear despite its daily abuse. The bright colors really catch his eye, and the shaggy terrycloth texture and material is very stimulating for chewers. It is about the size of a softball, so too big to continually get lost under the couch and small enough that it can easily be carried around. I originally purchased this to add another option to the dog toy basket, but it quickly became his favorite. At the ridiculously low add-on price, it’s a no-brainer. No dog toy lasts forever, but even if I get 6 months out of it, it will have cost me what…$0.50 cents per month?! For less than a cup of coffee, this can bring your dog more happiness than caffeine does for you! Hope this helps!

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