BV Pet Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90/125/ 250 Pounds, 25/30 Feet

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BV Pet Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90/125/ 250 Pounds, 25/30 Feet
  • 30- feet, lightweight and ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs up to 125 lbs
  • Reflective & anti-rusty vinyl cover for extra safety at night
  • Crimp and swivel clip covers for stronger ends and rust protection from rain
  • All-steel cable and clips. Rigorously quality tested.
  • Great quality guarantee & one-year limited product warranty included

Specification: BV Pet Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90/125/ 250 Pounds, 25/30 Feet

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches, 1.2 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

August 10, 2016



13 reviews for BV Pet Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90/125/ 250 Pounds, 25/30 Feet

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Avatar of Lorna37


    I bought one for my dog exactly 1 year ago. It’s strong, didn’t rust and keeps my bum tethered. My only issue is I noticed a kink in the plastic covering the cable and went to check what it was. The plastic cover was worn and shows frayed copper wires inside which are woven to make the cable. A 1 year warranty and today is 01/20/19…existing one year after being purchased 01/20/18! I wish they had put stronger protective covering over the copper wires. I’m getting the same kind but I wish the manufacturer was aware of this issue and made it more durable past 12 months. Please check the line from time to time so you don’t get a nasty surprise when the line snaps and your dog gets loose…or worse!

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  2. Avatar of Andrew B. Ruffing

    Andrew B. Ruffing

    Have a 65-70 lb Bloodhound/Black lab mix who has more energy than a 50 gallon drum of bees, is about as dumb as a box of rocks, and is loved immensely. I tried to build one using expensive (local) hardware store bits and pieces, and it took him about two days to get free from it.
    After that I ordered this one, liking the fact that the wires were basically weatherproof from the coating on the braid/strands/whatever. Ordered it quite some time ago and it’s been in rain, mud, etc since then and it’s still in pretty darn good shape! There are a few spots where he managed to tie a knot in it and some of the silicone coating came off, starting to show rust…..but that was my(dogs) fault not mine. It gives him enough room to tease the neighbor dogs, and flatten down my nice grass i spend so long to cultivate a healthy growth.
    30 feet is plenty, it’s about 706 sq ft….78 sq yards 65 sq meters for those wondering.
    That’s supposing there are no obstructions of course, and it’s rough math. More than enough room for a dog to play, poop, and ponder outside……without having the mean neighbors call the cops on you.


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  3. Avatar of Miss R.

    Miss R.

    **edited to add update Aug 21, 2021
    My original review was in March 2019 and I loved the product but wasn’t sure of it’s longevity. Well, here we are over 2 years later, and this tie out cable has finally snapped tonight. That’s with daily use with a 170+ pound Saint Bernard in all types of weather. I am very pleased and just about to order another!**

    I’m headed in to my second month with this tie out cable, so I can’t review based on longevity of the product, but I feel it will last quite a while!
    I have a nearly 150 pound Saint Bernard puppy, and this tie out has been a blessing & gives me security that he won’t get lose while outside. Very well made. The lock mechanism does freeze up a bit during the winter, but nothing a good hit against the doorstep won’t fix. That’s kind of inevitable with metal in the cold.
    Overall, I’m very happy with this product and would definitely purchase again! Will update my review at a later date on durability over time.

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  4. Avatar of KPope


    I have two pitbull black lab mix dogs about 70lbs each. They love to run and play and get these tie outs very twisted as you can see in photos. With all that twisting daily these tie outs are not ruined due to how they are made. The casing and the stronger cables work better than any other brand. I have had this set over 4 months.

    Reason I had to replace them is our fault as someone did not untwisting them at least every other day so they start to wear and then the casing breaks, rusts and freys or in the winter due to upstate New York weather, the freezing causes them to crack easier after being twisted in the same spot over and over but I still get 3 months or longer which is much better than any other ones and these are half the price.

    After I reordered I noticed these have a one year guarantee so I contacted customer service and they refunded me the cost to replace the ones ruined due to the weather and that is why I’ve only had this set 4 months.

    If you take care of them they are great and I highly recommend these tie outs.

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  5. Avatar of Scott Matthews

    Scott Matthews

    Item arrived dirty and one of the snaps has been cut off the cable. The exposed cable wires cut my hand opening the plastic bag it was in. Notice the rust on the one buckle that is left. The Sticker even says it was inspected, ha ha. This is by far the worst product I’ve received from Amazon.

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  6. Avatar of Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Bought this over the summer for our 70lb English Black Lab. The cable seemed to be well made so we gave it a try while we were hanging out in the back yard. My dog was free from the tie-out after a few minutes. Nothing was broken, she was just no longer attached. I thought maybe I hadn’t secured it to her collar properly so I tried again and watched her more carefully this time. She rolled around on her back and the spring clip simply opened up from the pressure of her rolling over it. I won’t risk my dog’s safety so we threw this out.
    Currently using the 30′ LupinePet 3/4” Basics Extra-long Training Lead/Leash for Medium and Larger Dogs. I’ve had great experiences with that brand and the clip works well. However, it is a leash, not a tie-out, so we can’t leave her on it unattended. I hope BV solves the issue with their clips. In the meantime, we’re still searching for a cable tie-out with clips that actually work.

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  7. Avatar of Kellye Stoops

    Kellye Stoops

    I have 2 of the strongest pulling Pit Bull Mixes and have gone through most everything on the market just to get them outside in the yard (one is a fence climber and the other one sprouts wings and flies over anything). We cable them while standing outside with them multiple times daily and then leash work with them at same time, but CANNOT leave them alone for fear they’ll get out of the yard, so —- these are THE ONLY cables that have worked thus far and they are MARVELOUS !! Rugged, durable and industrial strength and both of my girls act like they have nothing attached to them. If you have large breed dogs, you HAVE TO TRY THESE !! 🙂

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  8. Avatar of NotByBreadAlone


    Seems to be doing the trick for my Kangal. However… The clasp that holds the cable together is getting really beat up. Not sure how long it’s going to last. Afraid to put dog out to pee. **Update**. After 4 months I noticed the cable looked a little wonky in places. I peeled back the sheath and wow… The cable has literally broken in half underneath it’s simply 2 strands of cable wrapped around, twisted and one side is broken than the other as you feel down the cable. I talked to my Dad who works with cables and chains all the time and he said that this shouldn’t have happened to an actual quality cable. Not happy, we live next to a highway and our dog almost died.

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  9. Avatar of P. Rosenthal

    P. Rosenthal

    I had originally written a very good review of this product, as I received it and seemed to be perfect. BUT, I have to correct it and warn: after a couple of months of use, the cable tangles everywhere, because it doesn’t stay straight, and forms one spiral after the other. The worst was now, after 5 months!, the cable simply broke where it is connected to the head, I almost lost my pet and it was really dangerous catching her around!! Tried to contact the firm, but there is no way to claim for the warranty: their web page is only useful to see more advertised products and a selection of the good reviews!!! To send this product back would cost me a lot: I am in Saint Lucia, and got it sent with currier from the USA. Don’t trust it!!!! I never post a bad review unless I am sure about it!!

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  10. Avatar of Lady Zero

    Lady Zero

    I bought 2 in September and am looking to buy something stronger not even a month later, I have 3 lab/blood hound mixes puppies 10 months all about 50lbs each and they managed to break through these tie downs so I have to find something stonger, I have bought 6 of these just for the fact they last longer than others I have bought that only make it through a week. I only tie my babies up at night and if I’m going to be out all day so I can only imagine these lasting a week or 2 at the most if they where tied down for longer periods of time.

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  11. Avatar of Shaina


    Three months ago I purchased the heavy 30 foot tie-out leash. I was specifically looking for material impossible to chew through, and this was perfect while it lasted. Tonight, I was surprised to look outside to see my dog happily trotting through the yard. At first I thought he somehow had chewed through the cable, but come to find out, the metal base of the connector had rusted, allowing him to quite easily break free. He’s only 70 pounds, and the leash we purchased was rated for up to 125 pounds. I don’t think he even had to pull that hard. I’m disappointed the anti-rust metal didn’t last all that long after all.

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  12. Avatar of Patrick Langlois

    Patrick Langlois

    Après 1 semaines d’utilisation, la rouille ne s’installe pas. L’attache est de construction robuste. C’est la première que j’utilise qui ne me fait pas peur que mon chien arrache, pour l’avoir dĂ©jĂ  vu faire sur un modèle moins robuste. Le “feeling” en main est excellent et tout semble très solide.

    Pour ceux qui se posent la question, j’ai achetĂ© la corde 30′ 125lbs et la corde 25′ 250lbs, la diffĂ©rence est autant au niveau de l’attache qu’au niveau de la corde. Les 2 sont fait très solidement et pour le prix, ca revient encore beaucoup moins cher que d’aller acheter un remplacement en quincaillerie.

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  13. Avatar of H&SClark


    My 75 lb dog broke this cable. We’ve been using it regularly for 4 months, however, I would expect a product to last longer than that. There wasn’t any visible signs of defect, but after she broke it I looked closely and the metal core was a metre away from the end meaning it was only the outer vinyl that was in the portion that broke! I see that it says they provide 1 year manufacture warranty but I’m not sure how to pursue that and, to be honest, I’m not sure if I’d want to trust this product again anyway.

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