Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate | Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs | for Indoor & Outdoor Use |…

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Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate | Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs | for Indoor & Outdoor Use |...
  • TRAIN YOUR PET NOT TO RE-MARK OR RE-SOIL AREAS: Our Not Here! Spray deters your furry friend from revisiting and marking the same spot twice. No need to yell or swat, simply spray those areas your pet frequently visits with our Not Here! Spray. Our special formula will eliminate the need to re-urinate in that area in a safe and humane way.
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR TRAINING: Our Not Here! Spray works effectively for both indoor and outdoor training. After cleaning the soiled area thoroughly, let the area dry then apply Not Here! Spray. Repeat if necessary. Our formula can also be used on indoor plants as well and contains no harsh chemicals or odors and is safe to use on most fabrics.
  • USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH A HOUSEBREAKING TRAINING PLAN: When our Not Here! Spray is sprayed on a soiled area, the formula will eliminate the scent so your pet will not want to use that area anymore. Our formula acts as a deterrent therefore your puppy will not come back to the area to urinate. We stand behind the quality of our products.
  • HELP SHORTEN HOUSE BREAKING TIME: Consistency and positive potty training reinforcement are essential to help shorten housebreaking time. Remember the length of the training time will depend on each individual pet. Make sure to always reinforce good potty training behavior with praise, pets, and treats! For best results, use in conjunction with a housebreaking training plan.
  • OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the USA using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, animal cruelty-free production and eco-friendly recyclable packaging. If you don’t love our Not Here! Spray, please let us know. We are a small family-owned business of pet lovers committed to making great products that are safe for you, your pets and the planet!

Specification: Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate | Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs | for Indoor & Outdoor Use |…

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Package Dimensions

8.03 x 1.77 x 1.65 inches, 9.91 Ounces

Date First Available

March 30, 2020


Bodhi Dog

11 reviews for Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate | Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs | for Indoor & Outdoor Use |…

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  1. Avatar of Ashok Ray Chaudhury

    Ashok Ray Chaudhury

    It does not have any effect, dog continues to pee in the same place in spite of spraying

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  2. Avatar of NormaJean


    I adopted a senior chihuahua who had been a little stray street thug so he was not housebroken. Chihuahuas are stubborn and willful so it was an uphill battle. We totally accomplished our goal but he kept peeing on one specific place on a wall in the dining room that he had secretly marked. It dribbled down onto the carpet & I was about to pull my hair out when I found this product. (Thank goodness he’s a tiny dog.) After a thorough cleaning, I heavily sprayed the ‘Not Here’ & so far so good!! I spray the area several times a day for good measure. After just 4 days, he hasn’t gone back a single time. The fragrance is somewhat strong of clove & peppermint but it’s not obnoxious like other products I tried….that didn’t faze him. The fragrance in the room dissipates after a few minutes. I highly recommend this product. I’m still on my first bottle but I’ll definitely order more.

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  3. Avatar of C.K D.

    C.K D.

    have only used for 3 days but so far seems to do the job, pleased so far. Hope the success continues. So far I would recommend. It does have a noticeable clove sent. I like it but it is fairly strong.

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  4. Avatar of Carol in Texas, frequent shopper.

    Carol in Texas, frequent shopper.

    My older dog has been urinating in several places in our home. When I began spraying these spots he stopped hiking his leg on my furniture. So far this problem was halted. I recommend your product to anyone else having this problem.

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  5. Avatar of MCB


    Beware of any product that tells you what it is supposed to do and then nowhere explains why it does what it does. If the Bodhi company had done ANY research whatsoever, they would advertise that fact, right. Instead they just say about fifteen ways that your dog won’t pee where you spray this. They don’t explain in any way why and that is because it doesn’t actually work. Dogs pee where they smell pee. They think this is a pee place because I smell pee. So, this is nothing more than a masking scent. Windex will do the same job as this and will fail for the same reason as this. Many dogs obviously finds a location convenient and still smells pee even with the masking scent — and pees there again.

    There are enough reports here to show the masking scent doesn’t work. If you soaked the pee location on a carpet or rug, then the dog might not smell pee but pee scent is hard to cover over. And if it does mask the scent, nothing prevents the dog from thinking, well this “looks” like a good spot and I don’t smell pee, so maybe I’ll just make this clean smelling spot my pee spot.

    The only for-sure solution is good training, which must focus on making sure that your dog is successful and that means giving your dog a chance to pee outside, every time he gets excited, every time he takes a big drink, every time he eats a lot, every time he wakes from a nap. Do that, promote his frequent successes outside, praise him when he goes outside and you’ll make a thousand times more progress than trying to mask the scent with this expensive product.

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  6. Avatar of DMD, faithful reader

    DMD, faithful reader

    My senior dog had decided to pee on the furniture..despite having a pee pad down and being let outside often. I’ve been spraying Not Here! for just a few days and so far, so good!! I’m very pleased and would recommend it to others.

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  7. Avatar of Celine Morales

    Celine Morales

    I’ve been having trouble training my two year old yorkie who seems to love lifting his leg on my quilted fabric bed frame. I’ve tried spraying it with odor and stain remover and nothing seemed to keep him away until… I FOUND THIS PRODUCT! This stuff is amazing! I sprayed it on all of his favorite corners and all around my bed and he hasn’t lifted his leg once so far. Not only does this product ACTUALLY WORK but I’ve grown fond of the smell as well! A lifesaver and a MUST HAVE!

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  8. Avatar of Tabatha


    My dogs kept going to same area and peeing I used this product and they have never done it again.
    Also keeps cats from defecating in my yard.
    Have to say a bit pricey however cheaper than cleaning carpets repeatedly

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  9. Avatar of cynthia


    Recieved product…guess what?
    It daughter recieved a puppy that decided to use our outside rugs as his potty time.

    Well cleaned area..sprayed.
    No more spots!! Highly recommend!!

    San Antonio Texas

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  10. Avatar of Cheyenne Spencer

    Cheyenne Spencer

    This stuff is amazing!. I had my doubts about it but I haven’t had a problem with my sisters male dog peeing all Over the place!. He’s stubborn and don’t want to use the puppy pads like the other dogs and I had problems with him peeing on my bed but it’s not been an issue since I got this spray!. Now you do have to make sure it’s kept up like every other day when you sweep and mop just to put a fresh coat down but this stuff is a miracle in a bottle I tested it out on my room, bathroom, and kitchen as all the rooms are connected aside from my sisters room and the living room I was afraid they wouldn’t use the puppy pads if it was sprayed before placing it down but it works amazingly I had no issues at all would for sure recommend to anyone especially people with stubborn puppies.

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  11. Avatar of johanne



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