ARM & HAMMER Cloud Control Platinum Clumping Cat Litter 37LB

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ARM & HAMMER Cloud Control Platinum Clumping Cat Litter 37LB
  • DESTROYS URINE & FECES ODORS ON CONTACT. Powerful moisture-activated odor eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda eliminates both liquid and solid waste odors on contact. For advanced dual odor control.
  • 20% MORE ODOR ELIMINATORS than our regular Double Duty cat litter. Advanced dual odor control eliminates urine and feces odor on contact. Fresh scent refreshes litter every time your cat uses the kitty litter box for easy cat odor control.
  • EASY-POUR, NO-SPILL SPOUT for easy refill of your cat litter box. In a clumping cat litter that makes maintaining a clean, fresh kitty litter box fast and easy, to help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • HARD CLUMPS FOR EASY SCOOPING. Clumping cat litter makes cleaning the cat litter box fast and easy. Forms hard clumps so you can remove the source of odors quickly and easily. Effective cat litter clumping for easy clean-up.
  • 99% DUST-FREE, LOW TRACKING clumping cat litter. With 99% dust-free, low-tracking cat litter clumping plus an easy-pour, no-spill spout, Double Duty cat litter makes it easy to maintain a clean kitty litter box and a happy kitty!

Specification: ARM & HAMMER Cloud Control Platinum Clumping Cat Litter 37LB

Product Dimensions

7 x 11.75 x 13.69 inches

Item Weight

37 pounds


Arm & Hammer

Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

February 12, 2019

11 reviews for ARM & HAMMER Cloud Control Platinum Clumping Cat Litter 37LB

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  1. Avatar of Brenda Quevedo

    Brenda Quevedo

    Mi gato tiene un par de meses y duerme en mi habitación, incluso con un par de horas el olor de la arena ya es insoportable, y no por los desechos de mi gato, si no por la arena misma, desde que la abrí el olor era fuerte pero creí que se disiparía, no pasó, y con los desechos es aún peor, cuando duermo me despierta el dolor de nariz que me causa estar oliendo la arena tanto tiempo y eso que estoy acostumbrada a olores muy fuertes porque trabajo en una perfumería, a parte limpio los desechos de mi gatito en cuanto los hace, así que no la recomiendo para personas que tengan la arena en un lugar cerrado porque el olor es asqueroso, en verdad aglutina bien la orina pero la arena se riega en todos lados, ya que al ser tan fina se queda en las patas de mi criatura y la va dejando por donde camina, me la voy a terminar únicamente por el precio que ya he pagado pero honestamente no la recomiendo y probaré otra marca.

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  2. Avatar of GigiJenny


    Who knew I’d be writing a review for cat litter?!?!? This, THIS is the litter we’ve been searching for! It is a sandy texture so it doesn’t get tracked throughout the entire house, it doesn’t smell overpowering and has a VERY light scent, it does NOT cloud up in duststorm like proportions when poured or scooped (hallelujah cuz I was sure I was going to die of cat-litter-dust-cemented over lungs one day, not to mention my poor kit-cats!), it seals in gross litter box smells, and it clumps decently.

    We have recently severely downsized in our lives due to (finally) being empty nesters and went from two litter boxes for our two cats to just one box due to size constraints. They have adjusted fine but I was scooping the box more often and had never realized just HOW MUCH dust was being generated by our typical litter since the boxes were in a much larger, open area than the kit-cats use now. By more often I mean three or four times a day rather than my typical once or twice a day. Even once a day is kinda lazy on my part really, cuz I mean, the box IS their toilet and I don’t know of any person that only flushes their toilet one time a day after using it all day but I digress…

    So we tried Tidy Cats light weight 99.9% dust free litter. What a freaking joke! It was literally the DUSTIEST litter I’ve EVER used in my 40+ years of being an on again/need to recover from the pain of losing them cat family person. I googled the least dusty litter brands and this was the second best. Ms. Elsie’s precious cat (or something like that) was number one but reviews for that suggest that the formula has changed recently and not for the better, so I went with this. So happy I did because I think we found our holy grail litter, but only time will tell for sure. Right now though, my lungs are thanking me and I’m no longer stepping on disgusting tiny pieces of tracked litter, so everyone is happy!

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  3. Avatar of LittleVeganOnThePrairie


    This is a great litter and does an amazing job at eliminating dust and odour. My cats like the soft texture of this product (less “gritty” than other litters) and will kick it all over the room so I got a hooded litter box. It tracks the same amount as other litters, but easy to clean because no dust. I really like this product and think it is worth the extra money. The large package was a challenge so I separated the litter into smaller containers to move it.

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  4. Avatar of DVS


    This is the best cat litter I have ever used in 30 years! NO DUST!!! I have to keep the litter box in a large closet that has a lot of stuff stored in it. It also clumps very hard without spreading out 3-4″. It’s very fine so that cat’s are not tracking it & I’m not stepping on it! Worth the extra price!!

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  5. Avatar of Miguel Lopez Estañol

    Miguel Lopez Estañol

    Como ya muchos mencionan acá, la arena es la mejor que he probado y vaya que lo he hecho, es la única que controla los olores perfectamente y que cumple con lo que dice… no hace nada de polvo, es excelente, otro punto fuerte es que si se mezcla con otra arena, por alguna razón hace que siga sin generar polvo y controla perfectamente el olor, asi que rinde mucho mas mezclandola y sigue teniendo las mismas propiedades… pero como todo en esta vida, tiene un pero.

    El detalle es el costo, cuando la compre estaba por ahi de 400 pesos y actualmente está en 950, lo que hace que sea demasiado caro y no se pueda considerar una opción continua de arena.

    Asi que si la encuentras a buen precio, no dudes en comprarla, es la mejor que hay.

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  6. Avatar of Callie Slide

    Callie Slide

    Whoa. For a woman who lives alone (and at my age) this product is just too heavy to handle. Love the texture, love the fresh clean scent, love the lack of dust. I cannot lift and carry such a huge, hard to open, difficult to pour into a smaller container, product. (We nearly killed the delivery guy who limped away from the door, and he was young and strong.) I put this item on subscribe and save but will have to rethink using this product. Don’t you realize that there are thousands of potential customers all over the country who will not be able to deal with this huge, heavy container no matter how much they like what comes in it? When you decide to offer this litter in various size boxes I may reconsider. But I might not. Why not change the packaging so that after the customer shoves the box onto the dolly and places it in the laundry room (or wherever) the whole top unzips or opens somehow so that we who have problems with our hands and wrists due to surgery etc can get a scoop and a pail for transport around to the litter boxes? Or offer a heavy package like your competitor does, broken up into smaller packages. Or offer less heavy choices. BTW I’ve been using the product for several days and it is truly excellent.

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  7. Avatar of Sandra


    Used this for my cats in Canada and it was the best cat litter. It is more expensive than most.

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  8. Avatar of Adrienne


    Traps smell well
    Light Fragrance, not overwhelming
    Almost no tracking of litter

    CON: Price
    Getting used to clumps that aren’t all dried up, which is more of an adjustment than a con

    I have used Tidy Cats for a decade, straying here and there for different brands, store brands, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, online only stuff. I’ve always gone back to Tidy Cats for the price and clumping power. However, I have moderate asthma and when I saw the promise of “No Cloud”, I decided it had to be tried, and boy am I glad! I no longer have to wear a mask when I scoop, and I no longer feel like I *must* be covered in dust after cleaning the three in my home. This stuff delivers on it’s promises! It weighs more than Tidy Cats and is more sand-like, so it there is very little tracking out of the box.

    The ONLY thing that has taken some adjustment is that while is clumps wonderfully, the clumps aren’t all dried out like with normal clumping litter, so I’m a bit more mindful of my scooping not to break apart a clump. With Tidy Cats, the clumps are dried out and if broken, usually break into a few manageable pieces. If you accidentally dig your scoop carelessly into the middle of a clump with No Cloud, the scoop will be a bit messy. However, that being said, just be a bit more mindful of your scooping and this isn’t a problem at all. 🙂

    For the record, I received no compensation, no free product, no incentive at all. I’m just super impressed! 😊

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  9. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using Tidy Cats litter for years. It’s so dusty and the cats sneeze after going into the boxes. I almost needed a mask to clean it due to do the dust! I did some research and decided on this litter as a replacement. I am already absolutely thrilled! It smells good, it’s light and soft and there’s literally NO dust! It’s super easy to scoop as well. This is life changing… I’m happy, the cats are happy!

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  10. Avatar of Shannon J.

    Shannon J.

    As promised on the box- zero dust. Litter has a sand-like consistency and has a mild but pleasant scent which smells like apples to me. I suspect my cat has a dust allergy, so I bought this in part to help reduce overall dust levels in the house. Dust in the litter area is gone and no dust puffs up when litter is scooped or poured. My cat uses it with no problems, although because it is more lightweight than regular litter, be prepared to clean up litter that gets outside the box if you cat is an enthusiastic kicker when they bury their business, like mine is.
    I couldn’t find the Platinum version on Amazon when it came time to buy more, so I bought the “regular” cloud control litter locally. No idea what the difference is; I read both boxes and they seem identical to me.

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  11. Avatar of Fox Family

    Fox Family

    So impressed with this litter I have told all my cat loving friends! Besides holding up it’s claim for the pourer to be able to breathe easily while pouring, it clumps and stays clumped when manually scooping (cannot speak to other methods). See photo of pee clump flipped over. So compacted.
    And the scent…I am highly sensitive to smells and most litter with a scent is so cloying but to me this smells very pleasant.
    I know- “but what does that cat think?” She cat stopped peeing outside the box when I switched to this litter so I think she appreciates the formula too.

    Update- 12/15/19
    I still love this litter and continue to sing its praises. No complaints. My cat continues to go inside the litter box 100% of the time.

    Update- 09/05/21
    Still the only litter I buy and the cat continues to use only the litter box.

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