Apple to announce new MacBooks on October 18th

The new MacBook Pros are almost here. Finally, Apple has officially announced the Mac hardware event. The second fall event will be live-streamed on October 18th at 10 a.m. PDT. The recent Apple event unveiled the new iPhone 13 series; however, third-gen AirPods were skipped and expected to appear at the October hardware event. In addition, new MacBooks and a redesigned Mac Mini are expected to be announced at the event.

According to rumors, Apple’s new redesigned Mac Mini will feature an M1X processor. The new M1X will be replacing the M1 chip from the last year’s Mac mini. The rumors also suggest that the new Mac Mini will be getting more ports, like two Thunderbolts /USB 4 Type-C ports, than last year’s Mac Mini.

Other than the Mac mini, Apple is also expected to announce new MacBooks too. These new books are expected to feature a redesign like 2016’s MacBooks. This year’s MacBooks are expected to get back an old feature, the MagSafe charging. In addition, a redesign with an all-new M1X processor is also expected for a performance boost along with no Touch bar models. The event is all about speed, as the tweet from Apple’s Greg Joswiak suggests.

Almost every year, Apple holds an event in October for Mac-related announcements. The event follows Apple’s September event, in which Apple unveils the new iPhones. You can stream the event live here on October 18th.

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