3pk Detox Cleanse Kick Off Weight Management | Colon Cleanser + Water Loss Pills w Dandelion + ACV Full Body Detox + Probiotics | Flat Stomach &…

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3pk Detox Cleanse Kick Off Weight Management | Colon Cleanser + Water Loss Pills w Dandelion + ACV Full Body Detox + Probiotics | Flat Stomach &...
  • 3pk Kick off Weight Management | Synergic Combo for detox cleanse, to reduce waist line, legs & arm thickness, stomach flatten | This is a KICK off pack, it is NOT a stand-alone long-term solution for weight loss as the fast results may occur but will not last unless combined with reduced calorie, low carbs or Keto diets and physical activity
  • 15 Day Colon Cleanse | 30 pills for colon cleanse, bloating or occasional constipation
  • Complete Detox Matrix | 30 pills with ACV 500 mg & DE111 probiotic for total body cleanse & detox and a better digestion | ACV & Chromium help with satiety & balance carbs absorption
  • Water Weight Away | 30 diuretics pills with Dandelion to flush out the excessive water away, to detox and relieve swelling & water retention
  • Formulated and produced in the USA in a registered and inspected facility following all GMP standards

Specification: 3pk Detox Cleanse Kick Off Weight Management | Colon Cleanser + Water Loss Pills w Dandelion + ACV Full Body Detox + Probiotics | Flat Stomach &…

Product Dimensions

6 x 2 x 4 inches, 5.29 Ounces

Date First Available

January 30, 2020


OFC Molecular

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8 reviews for 3pk Detox Cleanse Kick Off Weight Management | Colon Cleanser + Water Loss Pills w Dandelion + ACV Full Body Detox + Probiotics | Flat Stomach &…

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  1. Avatar of jose


    I wanted to have a whole body detox cure and these products worked tremendously well for me.
    I used to be tired, bloated and having a permanent headache. The 15 Day Cleanse started to work the next day, I took the pill at night. The ACV is doing its job, I feel more energy and my skin is softer and brighter. I am no longer bloated and my headaches have gone. I know that the weight loss won’t be permanent but I still feel a great achievement and i feel great. I’ll be ordering again!

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  2. Avatar of Petra Petrescu

    Petra Petrescu

    Highly recommended this for anyone trying to lose some weight and feel more energized.

    review produs:

    Absolutely love this product! I’ve been taking these pills for a month and they have done wonders to my digestive system and not only. I’m no longer bloated and the excess waste and water in my body has vanished. I feel myself lighter, I have more energy and I’m optimistic on my way of getting weight under control. Make sure you follow exactly the instructions received by email from the company. Again love these and would recommend anyone who wants to do a colon cleanse and kick off their weight loss and diet!

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  3. Avatar of Allyson


    All I can say is oh my gosh! I paid almost $300 for herbalife supplements and did not lose weight. I started using this and I am down 3 pounds in 3 days. This stuff is amazing!
    Update 5 pounds in 4 days.

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  4. Avatar of Ada


    This was the worst detox/diet experience I have ever had. 15 days of pain and pure misery. I started off at a BMI of 27.1 and after 15 days of careful, clean eating, plenty of water, and exercise I lost half a pound, $30, and all my hopes and respect for this line of supplements.

    For 2 solid weeks, I never missed a dose. I counted calories between 1200 – 1400 a day, depending on my activity level, which is a healthy weight loss range for my height. I traded most meats for beans, legumes, and other protein sources. I drank a gallon of water daily and I rode 5 miles on my bike 6 days a week. Day 10 I looked in the mirror and I looked like I had gained 30 pounds I was so bloated. From day 9 on I constantly felt nauseous and had stomach pains – all day. Every day you think “Tomorrow has to be better”. But it’s not. It’s just as terrible, if not worse day by day.

    Here I am day 16, not even a pound lighter notwithstanding all the pain and misery these supplements have put my body through this past fortnight. There wasn’t even a period of the placebo effect. I am exhausted, weak, sluggish, forgetful, grumpy, and mad at myself for falling for this product. I had a lot of hopes and had filled my cart up with their other supplements to purchase when I was done with this “detox” but – delete, delete, delete, delete. I will never purchase another product from this company. I’m worried about what damage I have done to myself by using this product for so long and how long it will take my system to recover. Thanks for nothing Youth & Toxic!

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  5. Avatar of L.S.


    I was skeptical to buy these three products because of the low price ,but finally I decided to give a try. Periodically I do cleaning session with similar products like the green bottle and I heard about the apple cider vinegar as a miracle detox but I never tried .I considered the water pills a bonus as I was not aware of any benefits for detox or cleanse.
    I followed exactly their suggestions to use :1 blue in the morning ,1 red in the afternoon and 1 green before going to bed,while increasing the water intake.
    MIRACLE ! I became regular second day ,with very mild crumps during first days but I guess it was normal for a cleansing process. Slightly smell of vinegar sips trough my skin.I have more energy and I ‘m not longer tired. No more bloating and moreover I notice less puffiness around my feet.Wearing sandals you can see a puffiness around the straps on top of the foot but this has decreased sharply,I guess the blue pill was paid off .
    I feel lighter,I actually am lighter with 5-6 pounds although it was not an objective for me. I definitely buy again !!!

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  6. Avatar of laura wilson

    laura wilson

    I bought this three-pack for a full body detox. After all this time staying at home because of the Covid situation, I felt like I really needed to rejuvenate my whole body. I know that changing what you put in your body is most important, but also helping your body get the waste out with some natural products is the next best way to support the detox and the cleanse.
    The 15 Day Cleanse capsules are the best for an easy evacuation of the excessive waste.
    The Water Away pills really solved my issue with fluid retention.. yeah.. I know.. I love salty food..
    And last but not least the Complex Detox Matrix which contains probiotics and repopulates the gut with good bacteria helped me with a better digestion.
    Overall, I feel like I survived to the cleansing process.. I feel lighter and even my skin looks brighter.

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  7. Avatar of Amanda


    I’ve lost 10lbs in 4 days so that’s awesome! I feel lighter and less bloated, but never ever in my life have I pooped this much!! Maybe not something to do during covid-19 when everyone asks do you have diarrhea because you will. I haven’t had anything more than applesauce consistency 8+ times a day since I started. Tmi but it’s honest keep toilet paper on hand and don’t let a bathroom out of your site

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  8. Avatar of Dominique Oehme

    Dominique Oehme

    Oh my god this product works. The 15 day cleanser I feel lighter my belly is less bloated but do you wanna be close to a bathroom. Because like clockwork I need to use the bathroom around 430 to 5 AM. But again it cleans you out you feel so much lighter highly recommend and will be buying again

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